Our series that needs more numbers!

Hello. Our group is fairly new and needs more numbers. We’ll all experienced, clean and fair racers. Most of us are Australians and we race on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:00pm AEST but next year the group will doing adjustments to the schedule by moving the championships to mostly on weekends.

Our current series: Muscle Car Masters, V8 Supercars and Group A (coming soon) (we also do other series on other games).

As I mentioned before, we are clean, fair, hard races that will accept anyone from all walks of life.

If your interested in joining follow the link and it will take you to our Facebook group, ask to join it and we’ll accept you. If you have any any questions, ask them in a post when/if you join our group or contact me personally.

We hope to see you out on track with us and making new friends.

Group: Facebook

(If you don’t have Facebook that’s fine, just contact me personally and we’re sort something out.)