Original Forza Motorsport

I know this is going to sound like wishful thinking but I am curious if I am the only one here that would like to see the Original Forza enhanced for the Xbox one x and make a return into our gaming libraries. I would love to see it, and I would pay somewhere between $15 to $30 for it. What are your guys thoughts??

I vote NO, don’t waste time re-vamping an old game… start working on FH4!

I mentioned this in another post, I’d buy it definitely. I still have the original Xbox but would buy a revamped (definitive) version with achievements rather than the original without.

Yes that would be spectacular, achievements and better graphics would make it feel new. Also if I remember correctly there were quiet a few tracks in that game that we haven’t seen in sometime now.

Not sure what FH4 has to do with it, it’s developed by playground games. And it’s more about having the collection playable in the future, and not to mention it started it all for turn 10.


OK, but I still vote NO. Out with the old, in with the new. New minds, fresh ideas… be tolerant.

It works on the XBox 360 but not very well. Awful stuttering and sound issues. Again license issues so we probably won’t see it.

so guys the original forza motorsport game did not have xbox achievemnets on it then thats the answer i was looking cheers