Original Forza 2 designer …ya I’m old ;p

Hey there if you played Forza 2 back in 2007 you might remember some of my work. I went by the gamertag LLP NASTYBYTE and did designs like The outlaw . Skull and snake, and had the Stormtrooper design that sold for 62 billion credits …ya there were serious credit issues back then lol…Anyways I just thought I’d post that I am back at designing and I am going to be on twitch Canehdn_gehmr creating my new designs for this latest instalment of Forza Horizons 5. My xbox tag is now CAN EH D N pronounced Canadian :wink: Cheers

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Good to see another oldie out here. My gamertag is the same as it was back then.

Lets go with experienced instead of old maybe lol

LoL, either way it’s good to see some of the ‘old skool’ GTs kicking around the forums again :smirk:

My Halo Master Chief is available for the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe …
Search Halo Sci-fi Character if interested

Welcome back man!!! :upside_down_face::+1:t2:

Welcome back! I remember you, and that legendary Outlaw paint… looking forward to what you come up with for FH5.

Here is my Halo Master Chief

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Nicely done!