Orange dotted line

I asked this in the HW thread but it quickly got buried so I will ask again here. In the GPS map screen I keep seeing the Orange and White Dotted line that is showing some kind of route to take. It does change in relation to what road I am on but it is not showing all the time. I also am not in a race or have set any route to follow. What is this trying to show me? It is the first time I have ever ran across this in a Forza title.

It just shows tracks that you can leave the track to beach/ forest etc.
ground tracks that don’t have walls.


I thought that’s what the White dotted lined ones were, that stay stationary. These Orange ones change if I take a different route they seem to adjust.

They change if you’re on a different level. Like if you take a road above it.


Hmm, that could be it then. I just know they are new to me.

Hmmmmm… Kinda makes me think this may have something to do with me not being to find that one last road…

I had that issue and it was one little section in an aforementioned dotted route on the far right side of the map. Took me forever to find it as it is very short.

Have you got all the bonus yet one is on the suspended road not connected to the track. Also I noticed that driving under some roads while on the ground would mark them as driven on, on the main map.

Yep some roads run above others so might not be able to see the undriven ones underneath
Could also be the roads that split…have to go both splits