Optional pre-race qualifying?

Just wanted to know if anyone has heard of this being a feature. I don’t like starting the race from nearly last place as you always have to set the difficulty lower since you have to pass 10+ cars within 3 laps. I would love to qualify for my starting position so I can start with a higher difficulty. Also, if you are in a series of several races, and you finish first in the previous race, that should reflect your starting position for the next race. Anyone heard of this happening? Thanks for any info.

nothing has been announced yet. Unfortunately we will probably have to wait untill september for that to be announced.

Probably. But I’m not getting my hopes up for this. Feel like chances are 1 in 1,000,000.

I think Dan`s answer when asked was “you can do warmup laps”, which was also mentioned on a printed article.
Not a definite answer, but sounds more like a no to me.

Was he asked about qualifying or practice laps when he made this reply.

My memory fails me about the exact question, I think it was about race weekends in general with the term qualifying thrown in.
I cant remember Dan explicitly stating there was no qualifying, but maybe the others saw a different interview, or I just didnt notice it.

Dan specifically stated there would be no qualifying laps, but an option for warm up laps.

Yes warmup laps only, there will be an extra difficulty setting called race modifiers that will let you choose your starting position, the harder you make it for yourself the more you will be rewarded

He said this (source)? Well, I guess it’s a step in the right direction.

it was in the live-stream with Brian E. i believe, ill see if i can find it

I recall him being asked about qualifying and stating that it isn’t in game but warm up laps are. I’ve not heard anything about the race modifiers until now. Was anything else mentioned other than grid slot?

In the past if you were in a series of races, your starting position after the first race was reflective of your finishing position the race prior. However, the better you finished the worse you started - so i you finished 1st then you would start last in the next race.

If we have warm up races in FM6, what exactly is the point? Is it basically to practice the track or does it allow us to warm the vehicle up and get things up to temp and then when we start the actual race our tyres will start warmed up? There’s nothing like starting a 3 lap race on cold tyres and needing 4 laps to get the tyres ready.

It would be a useful feature for competitive multiplayer league racing. In FM4 you could run a 2 or 3 lap race as the initial “qualifying”. Then sort the grid based on lobby points and everyone would start the actual race in the correct position. In FM5 this isn’t possible, even in a private lobby. It seems zero thought was given to competitive leagues.


Yes that was the workaround you had to use when racing online.

In terms of competitive racing, Gran Turismo 6 has the best feature set I’ve seen in a racing game, and it’s clearly being used as GTPlanet is still hosting several race leagues 18 months after release.

Compare that to Forza 5 where TORA (the biggest Forza racing community out there) ended up reverting to Forza 4 after a short while. They still run Forza 5 events but have twice as many active Forza 4 leagues these days.

I always wondered why the games never featured qualifying laps.

Obviously they could if the developer thought it the right thing to do. I suspect it’s due in part to this “optimal” event length they try to achieve being under 10 minutes. Beyond that many people loose interest - or so I hear. Also, in MP imagine the drop out rate of players who are off the pace. You’d end up with a lot of very small grids. Qualifying in MP also poses the problem of several people on track trying to post a time, dirty laps etc and do you get one flying lap or a set amount of time? There’d be many complaints however it was introduced. In career it’s different of course but Forza has always been about making your way through traffic. If you qualified faster than the AI there’d be no racing at all.

This topic comes up every time a new Forza comes out. Some folks seem to really want it, but it always gets left out and I have a feeling I know why: it’s boring.

The answer is staring us in the face. Here’s how to do it, point-by-point:

  1. Your position on the grid is determined by your position on the global leaderboard. If you are #4372 and everyone is ranked below you, you get pole.

  2. Only class counts. Your best run at the current track in the given class determines your spot. Your current car’s PI has no bearing.

  3. Clean laps are better than dirty laps, just like the leaderboards.

  4. Every race has a 25% chance of being reversed-grid. Fastest guy is in the back, slowest in the front.

I seem to recall that something similar was in an older Forza… you could change the grid positions to be in leaderboard order. This should be the default for the public hoppers.

Don’t like your qualifying spot? Head to single player, build a car and run some laps.

I especially like the idea that if you are a 1%-er who leaves everyone in the dust on the first lap… you are no longer racing, you are now qualifying for the next race.

ETA: Same goes for the guy who always seems to be last… don’t quit the race, improve your lap times instead and you’ll start further up in the grid next time.

ETA2: Dear mod, you put my topic about multiplayer qualifying into an existing topic about single player qualifying. Entirely different topics. Please go easy with your magic wand.

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When people whined about starting near the back in FM5 and wanting qualifying, I pointed out that basically we’re saying we want an easier game. If I’m good enough to go from the back to the front, I’m good enough to qualify on pole. Starting from pole after being faster than everyone else (singleplayer, not multiplayer) means there’s no threat from anyone behind me and all I have to do is drive fast; basically hot lapping. I won in qualifying. For the guys behind to be a threat, they’d need to be faster than me, but if they were I wouldn’t likely have started on pole. By denying us qualifying and forcing us to the back, they’re forcing us to have something more to accomplish than simply hot lapping.

The down side is partially that this pretty much forces us to be jerks and/or decrease the difficulty because we get two or three quick laps to work up through a field of mobile chicanes while the guy up front cruises off into the sunset. It might be different if we had ten or twenty laps to cleanly overtake the goofballs at the back and gain on the guy that had the lead gifted to him, but we don’t.

The other down side to lacking qualifying is that qualifying would make Forza Motorsport more like actual motorsport. For that reason, it’s really a crying shame that Forza lacks qualifying because it would be fantastic if Forza Motorsport tried to be more serious and less casual. I’m fine with giving casuals an option for a streamlined, dumbed down experience as long as it’s an option and not default, but it would be great if Forza Motorsport got more serious for the more serious motorsport enthusiasts.

Forza beats the pants off of Project CARS in so many regards, but unfortunately it has nothing on CARS in the motorsport department since CARS offers full race weekends that casuals can skip if they wish to do so. We really should be seeing that here.


You’re spot on in your last two paragraphs. As for Qualifying making the game easier, it doesn’t have to. That’s an AI issue. If you can select from high AI difficulties then Qualifying won’t mean the game is easier. If the higher AI difficulties are designed for Qualifying it means that on the highest difficulty many players may not be able to Qualify pole position. Combine with the ability to increase race length to a degree that pitting at least once would be required to finish the race. If tire wear is also an issue, then pit strategy can be important. But yeah, if the AI is still tailored to be beaten within 3 laps while starting halfway back in the pack, then Qualifying will make every race an easy win.

Good day

Its been a while since the community asked for proper qualify sessions for a complete race immersion.

This title lacks qualifying. The game ia really good and I paid for the Ultimate pack at CAD$ 114.99…

Turn 10, It is possible to get rid of random grid position and have real fun with proper qualification sessions?

Thanks a lot

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