Option to race for 24 hours?

Does anyone know if there is an option to set up an endurance race for 24 hours?

No, and I cant see a huge multinational company promoting sitting in front of a tv screen for 24hrs.

Do Sega and Sony count has huge multinational companies? http://www.ign.com/games/le-mans-24-hours/ps2-16029

I jest, but I actually did sit in front of a Dreamcast once, for the full race, minus bathroom and food breaks. It got pretty boring after awhile. (Also, in retrospect, it was not exactly a highpoint achievement in my life either, lol.)


Also, there’s Gran Turismo 4 and Gran Turismo 5, with the full 24-hour races of Le Mans and Nurburgring!

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I can’t see my wife seeing me sitting in front of the tv for 24 hours either.

No they are huge irresponsible multinational companies

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Just needed to know if it was an option, not because it’s something I plan on doing a lot or for an achievement, I just needed a yes or no answer which I now have. On a personal level I’d love the option but wouldn’t be doing a 24 hour race every weekend, I just needed it for 1 weekend.

Ahhh, ok.

Just has long has we have the definitions clear. XD

Probably the closest you could get would be to run multiple races in Free Play or a custom MP race lobby. If I understand the new difficulty options correctly, you can place yourself in various positions at the start of each race, and that could be used to reflect your position at the end of the last stint. The only real problem is that your fuel, damage, and the positions of the competition would probably keep getting reset with each “round”.

The only definite answer is that we dont know …yet

I’d like to at least have the option as well… I would take part in twitch streaming for charity or play simulated 24hr races with driver changes (with friends or AI) if I could.

if it’s an option fine… i would never have the time nor will to withstand that. But achievement? That’s the biggest NO ever. If you mean personal achievement then i’m sorry haha

anyone able to do such a thing is amazing btw l

I’ve gamed for 24hrs straight once, minus food and other things, though I didn’t even cook, just got pizza delivered! But I’ve never raced for 24hrs or played the same game for 24hrs. The longest race I’ve ever done was around 6hrs long. I think it was something like 99 laps of sunset peninsula.

Oh yeah, forgot those. Probably because I had no desire to repeat the (somewhat painful) Dreamcast experience, lol.

If i recall in GT you could drive the race then when pitting elect to switch to a team management role and watch the AI racer progress for you. You could also speed it up to triple speed, so the watched stints flew by. It was still tedious and not popular with Mrs Speed Runner…

DualShockers video interview with Dan Greenawalt at gamescom:

at minute 4:45
If we want to race for 24 hours straight in the same race, can we? Or is there a shorter limit? Are there endurance races?
“There are absolutely endurance races. The endurance races are made to be the way that driver double stints are. So in real 24 hour racing, drivers do stints. Stints are sometimes 2 hours, sometimes 4 hours so they do a double stint. So yes, we have 4 hour stints that you can do. There is endurance racing in the career, you can do it in multiplayer, and you can do it in Free Play.”

I think the longest endurance race I’ve ever done is about 2 hours, so I can’t imagine myself craving more than four, heh.

I’m another sad little man that has done a full 24 hour race in the past. three of us really, we ran 2-3 hour long stints each. We did it in rivals mode in Forza 5, would have been much better with other cars, but you do what you can!!!
Don’t think it would have been an option if the wife and kids hadn’t gone on holidays though!!
I need a life :frowning: