Opting Out From Gifts

i know i can’t be the only one who finds the constant barrage of gifts from other players annoying. the devs need to implement a way for players with all the cars in their garage already to opt out of this mess. nothing is more frustrating than when trying to check a tune or livery that was just created in free roam and getting the gift popup and having to drop everything you were doing to go receive a gift that you didn’t want or need.


Agree. The whole gifting system is elementary and can be vastly improved in so many ways. An option to opt out of gifts seems simple enough. Too bad it won’t ever see the light of day.


You don’t have to drop everything and go pick up the gift. You can just ignore it.


Really? because if i dont go to the barn for the gift INSTANTLY when i get the popup, i lose it after a while. It has been always the same for me. I dont know other players.

If i could ignore it and just claim it whenever i wanted… that will be another story.

The gifting “system” is just another half-baked semi-featured half-broken and badly designed addition that only makes the game worst, not the opposite around. Something the devs of this game are experts by now. So easy to get cars, and they even add something to be able to get even more cars and faster than even before. So nice. Now after barely two months, people are already bored to death of course. And why cant we gift anything else than cars? i mean… its hilarious. Really. Like 95% of the “features” of this game.


I don’t get any of the gifts… It’s my spam mail.

I agree OP, it is annoying and I also wish I could opt out. I also have the concern that the gifted cars may be illegal or have a livery that could cause me to get banned.

fwiw, I posted a similar question/request a couple of weeks ago and got the same “just ignore it” answer.


True, the message can get a little annoying…although I only get the Gift Car messages when logging in to the game. And, like others, I just ignore it and it goes away…till next time I log in to the game!

Would be nice to be able to opt out as I now have no interest in it…don’t think it will be done though

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Don’t pick up the gift and it quickly disappears. I actually got a gift pop up when waiting for the Trial to start. When I got out of the trial the gift was gone.

ps: This is interesting… My ‘driving since’ just changes as the years change. I have been playing since 2019 :slight_smile:

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Same experience here. It disappears if you leave it there. Seemed like 15 minutes.

Or if you do pick up the gift, just remove the car from your garage, and hey, its gone, poof!!!

Really not that hard to do.

There are much more pressing bugs and issues that need fixed first before something as minor as this, with several viable workarounds existing, even gets thought about.


Don’t assume what is minor to you is minor to everyone. We shouldn’t have to resort to workarounds.


Does not bother me at all. At the start I got some decent cars, and even the Porsche GT3 FE just yesterday. Now I just automatically regift right at the barn if it’s a dupe (like the M3) I’ve seen a few times already too).

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Yes I’d like that option too.
For now I just ignore them …

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Nobody is happy with everything, there is always something to complain about :joy:


Yeah, they should have foreseen this issue. It doesn’t take long before active players have most of cars in the game, and the people who are gifting seem to be using the feature mostly as a garbage disposal.


I will happily take their cars. I milk the mastery tree for free credits, xp and spins, then I delete the car.
I get gifted an average of one car per day for about 2 hours play per day.

The ability to gift a car to a specific friend would, in my opinion, make this a useful feature.

I thought we were getting this option during the Holiday season, but when I tried doing this, I was presented with a very small list from my total list of friends, so it really didn’t allow me to do what I really wanted to do.


I think the reason this isn’t a thing is due to some irrerational or irrelevant issue such as if a car could be gifted to a given player then this mechanism could be “abused” in a way where players could sell/trade cars outside of the auction house. Similarly a player could pay real life money for a car that they get gifted. Who cares??? This happens in every game.

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That’s exactly why gifting your cars to specific players won’t happen. Creates a seedy economy outside of the game that Turn10 and PGG want nothing to do with. I don’t blame them.

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It was a good idea in prnciple and it’s OK for those just starting out in FH5 to enable them some credits early in the game, but when you have been playing for a while, the last thing you need is a fifth Ford Focus cluttering up your garage that then requires time and effort to locate and delete.

So, yes, an option to opt out of receiving gift would be my preference too as being gifted cars it is utterly pointless once you have a full array of FH5 vehicles and just adds to the monotony of deleting duplicates, which takes even longer, if like me, you want to keep your own car, so then need to confirm the car history to locate the gift car before deleting.

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