Opinions on the Career Mode

After experiencing a portion of Forza 6’s single player career, something didn’t click to me. The career itself is made up of five volumes each one of different car disciplines. I want to know if there is anything else to it besides the showcase events. However there is none. No multi-class races, events on a particular class (I don’t think class matter in this game) but anyway, no events based on engine type, manufacturer, car rivalries, model, car type, or a particular car, not even class F starter cars to begin with.

Again, those are my thoughts. I’m probably not the only one who thinks so either. So I want to know what you guys think.

Do you like the single player the way it is?

Should there be more to it?

How do you think it compare to the single player of past Forzas?

You can answer any question. You don’t have to answer all of them.

free play only lol :wink:

I enjoy single player, but I want more tools to create the races I want. Like the ability to tag specific cars for my own racing series.


my favorite career mode was forza 4. yes it took much more time to complete, but there was so much more variety of races to choose from. the main complaint I have about career mode started with forza 5 and continues in 6, specifically all racers use upgraded cars and there are no spec races. I enjoy racing bare bone stock vehicles and this missing aspect is what Is the worst part of career mode for me.


It’s available in the Showcase section of the Careers mode in Forza 6.

Each Class is on offer for you yo work through. And you don’t need to just race one car and win that class. It’s broken into several races over several tracks for each class.

Within the 5 different “Volumns” each has different classes represented, from various fractions of motor sporting history.

Additionally, within a Showcase, you also have the Racing History Stories which give you a broad range of specific cars from the various classes within each available class.

Plus, while you need to only win 3 of each of categories within each of the Volumnes to "Complete the Series, you still have several more classes to race in each of those Volumns in order to fully complete each and every volumne.

So in fact, the entire Career Moee is quite extensive, especially if you then get the bug to race each car that’s available for every class and style of race that the Career has to offer.

I’m not keen on any of the Ztopgear tasks, as I grind these tedious and really quite unrewarding, all things considered.

So I know I’ll never fully “finish” Forza 6, but I’ll get damn close.

Then of course you can enjoy yourself in Freeplay, setting your own races of up yo Z50laps for shy of the courses and ribbons that are available within the game. Then there’s the Drivatar difficulty levels to work through.

If you start out in the lower levels, you hsve even more races to run as you work your way up the difficulty levels, setting lap times that will ideally get you in the leaderboards.

Allow the game to u gold for you, it can be sped through in the lower difficulty levels without much challenge, or, you can challenge yourself each time that you set out on the track.

Use some of the better drivers tunes, they to NOT mean you’ll get the same times, that comes down yo your driving skills improving as time ties on.

Remembering that every iteration is unique in and of itself. No two games will play the same, nor should they. There’s a learning curve yo every game. Do approach it from a fresh viewpoint and you’ll get the most from it.


I completely agree with you. In forza 4 I liked how I didn’t have to race certain class car if I didn’t want to. All you had to do was go to the events and pick which ever one you wanted. I’m also disappointed with the super/ hyper car series. I was super excited to race the career in a P1 but now I just use a Veyron and ram all the A.I. drivers lol

Forza 4 definitely had the best single player career mode. FM5 and FM6 are lacking big time.


Do I like the single player the way it is? No, it is probably the worst of the Forza series. They took away my freedom to race whatever I wanted, however I wanted. Sure, freeplay is available but that in itself is buggy and limited. While it may have intimidated the more casual players, FM3 had my preferred career structure as it embraced all forms of motorsport (drag racing even had its own series of events).

Should there be more to it? Yes, they could have included a “general” class based series of events so that I could at least use the MP4-4 against other x-class cars of any type. They could also have added an upgrade system like in Horizon 2 to scale AI upgrades to match your own PI score. Overall, the campaign felt pointless and half-baked. There were some good ideas but also a severe lack of forethought.

How do I think it compare to the single player of past Forzas? It is definitely more restrictive.

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Embarrassingly lacking and that’s coming from someone that loves this game. I feel that we should be able to upgrade or leave stock to any degree we like, then the AI just follows us. The career is stifling and free play should have random select for the courses.

I would give anything for an update that unlocked a career mode with open car classifications.


I don’t like it, pointless repetition of the events if you want to get the achievement for completing career. I haven’t completed the career mode since Forza 2. That had the career specific leaderboards that made it a lot more fun.


to me it all repeats itself to much. I only have left volume 5 and I’m gonna finish it.
but personally the system of FM4 were more fun to me. don’t have to be exactly like that again, but it were really fun to drive things like: Subaru vs Mitsubishi. Skyline vs supras and so on.
I hope something like that will return again. ore add those possibility’s in the free play mode :slight_smile: I hope this will be in the FM7!!

The “Career” mode is far from anything resembling a racing career. At least Forza 3 and 4 tried to imitate so kind of race career structure (as limited as it may have been).

The “Stories of Motorsport” is okay, but the general setup of the categories and the “place in Top 3” requirement for all races means it’s less of a challenging single-player mode and more like an extended tutorial.

I much prefer Forza 3 or 4’s career mode. Much more variety and flexibility and more focus on clean racing (via reduced credits for damage sustained during the race) rather than pure finishing position.

Previous FM careers were more varied and overall more enjoyable in my opinion. I find if you’re going for 100% like I am then its alot more bearable to jump from different volumes instead of doing loads of series back to back within the same volume. That way you get a bit of variation.

Personally, no.

I liked doing the initial run through, completing Stories of Motorsport once, but doing that 6 times with little to no variance in the format other than what cars/tracks was quite the grind and felt like excess padding (in order to claim “hundreds of hours of Single Player content” during their PR run). If there wasn’t an Achievement for 100% completion I wouldn’t have gone through this at all.

Showcases were good though, although I would have liked to use my own cars for the Endurance races.

More races? No, 600 is already too many.

A “championship format” like Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island or a “star system” like Gran Turismo 6 would have been better in my opinion, as I didn’t feel any sense of progression when completing Forza Motorsport 6’s Career.

Less grindy than Forza Motorsport 4 (which had far too many races), but still a long and somewhat tedious slog. Forza Motorsport 3’s was the strongest in my opinion, good sense of immersion/progression and not too many races if you were a completionist.


You guy’s don’t know you’re born seriously,when i was a kid it was space invaders[ in black and white] i just think that you wanna be a little more appreciative of the talent that lies behind developing a game like this and if you’s can do a better job do it…but i won’t be holding my breath too long on that one.

So as gamers, if we are not game developers we should just shut up?

I have a job, and I’m sure you do. I have to take criticism from people that do not and cannot do my job all the time. It is a part of life, and it is naive to think that people need a phD to have an opinion or judgement as a customer, enthusiast or audience.


I grew up playing video games. My first coin-op game I ever played was a black and white Asteroids. I love Forza 6 and most all games ever made. I appreciate the work involved and what Turn 10 has created but that is no excuse to make a stale career mode. I stopped playing career weeks ago because it is terrible. It has nothing to do with the quality of the game physics. You can have the prettiest Ferrari in the world but if you put a 1600 VW engine in it, how long would that be fun?

The point of this thread was to talk about how Forza 6 has repetition in each volume. All the races are set to 1 class. There is very short races with little payout and half your time is spent in menus and load screans. I didn’t love the other Forza careers but I enjoyed them. I am not enjoying Forza 6 career mode.

My opinion is that the career mode is not a career mode. You don’t build anything and you don’t acheive anything. At the end of career you get an xbox acheivement and that is all. You are taught how to blast your way through the field in 3 to 4 laps and there is still 1 drivatar that is setting leaderboard times a mile ahead of the field.

I race Free Play exclusively and even that is Restricted and there is always 1 Drivatar in a leaderboard car setting leaderboard laps. It was difficult to find Free Play settings that gave some challenge that is fair and balanced. Most of the time it is not balanced. Yes I use no assist, yes I set Drivatars to unbeatable and yes I drive all classes, especially R, P and X.

I don’t know why each Volume has to have the same set of races for all the series in that Volume. It is boring and restricted to the point that it is not fun.

Most showcases are fun and I have most of them completed. I have raced each endurance race many times but I like setting up Free Play endurance races.

This is a Next Generation Title on a Next Generation System and the design of Game Play has taken a back seat to Graphics. Remember Space Invaders and Asteroids? They are Fun and they are black and white and I still play them today in 2016.

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I share the same opinion. I also race Free Play exclusively. But the cars aren’t balanced well enough like in previous versions of the game. Some GT3 cars will only reach in mid R numbers so you have to bring down the AI level to make things competitive.

I have no desire to do the career things.

I preter to keep the same diffuculty and just use a mod to have the car competitive. For exemple use the best mods for the Volvo in Aussi V8, cause it’s so damn slow.

I felt the career was stifled, and did not utilise all of the tools Forza has built in to make it a creative interesting experience.

Quite frankly it feels lazy. While I appreciate the design, the actual series execution left a lot to be desired. There is too much down time between races, while the series themselves feel claustrophobic, like I’m locked in to the series no matter what. The race series and forced spec themselves seem forced and are not bracketed in any way that excited me. The AI was not exactly ‘fun’, the challenge there was to outsmart the flaws rather then pure video game fun. The whole thing seems like an afterthought. It did not the feel that the mode was underdeveloped due to time, but due to good pure game design into creating a fun engrossing experience.

I think the thing is that the potential is already there to make a great career mode, but the effort into making it a unique engaging experience is simply not there. I would have preferred even a more user customizable experience, maybe some kind of questionairre that asks me what cars I like, which directs me to one of 4-5 precustomized scenarios, but better fit into what I’d want my career to be. And a few things which were just pure common sense seem to have been ignored.

I think they need not overthink career, just put some good ol love into it.