[Opinion] Custom Race - Placing Walls

Hey folks,

I’m currently designing my 1st proper custom race blueprint in FH5 and am trying to figure out a ‘best practice’ in regards to placing track-side walls around corners.

It seems that the in-game race tracks tend to have track-side walls only on the outside of a corner/turn, leaving the inside of the curve open.

I’m currently building a circuit which has track-side walls on both the outside and the inside of a corner, and am wondering whether this is a good or bad decision.

What’s your opinion on this?

It really depends what you’re going for. You might have had a long straight just before the corner, so you might want a run off area on the outside of the corner for the late brakers. Personally speaking I usually, but not always, have an inside wall, but I pull it back from the edge of the track slightly, because everyone loves to hit the apex and try cut as much of the corner as possible. Also I make that inside wall small in height so that the driver can see the track ahead. So, metal fence on the outside, concrete wall or tyre wall on the inside but pulled back from the apex. Posting a video of my last track which gives good examples of what I done at multiple corners.

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Thanks @honz12 that’s really useful info. :+1:

Hey @honz12 I caught Nick (AR12 Racing) showcasing your track on his YouTube channel. :+1:

I’ve been wondering how you managed to include the race track edging curbs and Nick figured it out. Genius!

I’ve taken on board the idea of moving the inside walls back from the edge of the road. Looks much better and feels cleaner when racing.

Can’t wait to get this course done, very much enjoying the build.

Yeah I wasn’t expecting that from AR12 but really chuffed when I found out! I’m trying to make a new track using the new asphalt props, but… Jeezo, if you don’t lay them pretty much perfectly the cars don’t handle too well. Don’t I don’t know if I have the patience to lay every single slab perfectly. Sometimes it’s impossible, like going up or downhill plus with a curve

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