Open-Wheel Legends help desperately needed

I’m sorry to bothering all of you, but please, can some of you,
Forza tuning masters and gods,
provide open source tune (homologated S780)
for any of those crazy Open-Wheel Legends cars?

I am about to participate in local championchip, where those cars will be used.
Restrictions are that tune can not be downloaded
and i am absolutely unable to make any usable tune for this type of cars.
I personally prefer Brabham, but I will use any car you recommend.

So can anyone here help me please?
Thank a lot

Try this site, I find it gives very decent startingn values.

When I did the single llayer championship I believe raising the suspension and making it a bit softer helped a lot, so I’d try the soft preset there first.

Also, read the fine-tuning section.

I only have access to the Honda RA300.

All allowed upgrades (455hp, 1307lbs)

Tire Pressures 28.0 28.0
Camber -2.0 -1.0
Toe 0.0 0.0
Caster 7.0
ARBs 3.60 7.00
Spring Rate 142.2 378.2
Ride Height 3.5 2.6
Rebound 9.7 11.0
Bump 4.7 5.9
Brakes 48% 125%
Diff 96% 0%