[Open Source] Nissan Fairlady Z (1969) (B Class)

Hurray, Hurray, another meowmobile has arrived.
My meowchanics strayed whiled building this one out. They say something strange was afoot.
Instead of switching out the engine, they did all the tires, driveline, aero and what not, and then they were still able to switch out the engine. I think they have been in the catnip too long.
Have fun!

Car:Nissan Fairlady Z ( 1969 )
Points (#): 600
Speed: 5.8
Handling: 5.4
Acceleration: 8.4
Launch: 8.7
Braking: 5.9

Drive (Type): RWD
Power (HP): 377
Torque (LB-FT): 292
Displacement (L): 3.7
Weight of Car (LBS): 2151
Weight Distribution (%):
· (Front): 51%
· (Rear): 49%

Redline (RPM): 8300
Peak Torque (RPM): 5500
Calculated (HP & Torque) (RPM): 6781
Top Speed (Calculated) (MPH): 154.6

Upper-Spring-Rate (lb/in): 891.5
Lower-Spring-Rate (lb/in): 111.4

Wheelbase (in| ): 90.7
Track Width, Front (in): 53.3
Track Width, Rear (in): 53.0

Build (Parts and goodies)
·Engine Swap: 3.7L V6 - VVT
·Drivetrain Swap: Stock
·Aspiration Conversion: Centrifugal Supercharger

·Restrictor Plate: Stock
·Intake Manifold and Throttle Body: Stock
·Air Filter: Street
·Carborator: Stock
·Fuel System: Stock
·Ignition: Street
·Exhaust: Stock
·Camshaft: Stock
·Valves: Street
·Displacement (Block): Stock
·Pistons and Compression: Stock
·Aspiration: Stock
·Intercooler: Stock
·Oil and Cooling: Stock
·Flywheel: Stock

Platform & Handling
·Brakes: Race
·Springs & Dampers: Race
·Front Anti-roll Bars: Race
·Rear Anti-roll Bars: Race
·Chassis Reinforcement and Roll Cage: Stock
·Weight Reduction: Sport

·Clutch: Stock
·Transmission: Race
·Driveline: Sport
·Differential: Race

Tires and Rims
·Tire Compound: Race
·Rim Style: Sport - CXR
·Front Tires: 225/25R19
·Rear Tires: 235/25R19

Aero and Appearance
·Front Bumper: Forza (Adjustable)
·Rear Wing: Forza (Adjustable)
·Rear Bumper: Remove
·Side Skirts: Stock
·Hood / Bonnet: Stock

Tire Pressure
·Front (PSI): 27.5
·Rear (PSI): 28.0

·Alignment Front: -1.3 °
·Camber Rear: -1.0 °
· Front: 0.0 °
·Toe Rear: 0.0 °
·Front Caster (Angle): 5.3 ∟

Anti-Roll Bars
·Anti-Roll Bars Front: 21.7
·Anti-Roll Bars Rear: 21.74

Springs (lb/in)
·Springs Front: 416.1
·Springs Rear: 414.1
·Front Ride Height (in): 5.0
·Rear Ride Height (in): 6.1

·Rebound (Front): 11.7
·Rebound (Rear): 11.3
·Bump (Front): 2.6
·Rebound (Rear): 2.5

·Front Aero Downforce (LB): 100
·Rear Aero Downforce (LB): 200

·Brakes (Balance): 54%
·Brakes (Force): 85%

·Acceleration (Front):
·Acceleration (Rear): 4%
·Deceleration (Front):
·Deceleration (Rear): 10%
·Split (Front): 0%
·Split (Rear): 0%

·Final Drive: 4.04
·1st: 3.06
·2nd: 2.42
·3rd: 1.85
·4th: 1.33
·5th: 0.98
·6th: 0.79

Excel Car Data
The above link opens in the web version of Excel, Yay! But you are free to download and look at all the formulas if you have Excel 2007 and above.