[Open Source] Community Build - Fiat 131 Abarth C500 (Could we get it in T100?)

Hi Tuners,

like Lou3824 did it a while ago with the Kia Ceed, I would like to share my Fiat 131 Abarth build as a starting point for a possible Community T100 build. Could we get this little car there?
At the moment, I could keep up with the Kia at Road America (Full) and some other Tracks. Here is my Build:

1.6 Turbo Rally

Forza front and rear

Rear: 225/50R14
Rims: Traklite 1.0 (or any of the same weight)

Street Clutch
Street Transmission
Sport Camshaft
Race Differential

Platform and Handling:
Race Brakes
Race Suspension
Race front and rear Anti-Roll-Bars
Race Weight Reduction

Tire Pressure:
Front/Rear: 29/27


Camber Front/Rear: -2.3/-1.7
Toe Front/Rear: 0.0/-0.2
Front Caster: 5.5

Front/Rear: 30.12/9.01

Springs Front/Rear: 710.3/450.2
Ride Height Front/Rear: 5.6/5.6

Rebound Front/Rear: 11.3/8.2
Bump Front/Rear: 3.4/2.1

Front/Rear: 70/195

Brakes (Optional):
Balance: 53%
Pressure: 140%

Acceleration/Deceleration: 35%/20%

(To quick test the build. It’s also on shared just search for K3NXbox)

Please give it a shoot, share your thoughts and optimizations. Let’s see with what we came up! Happy testing and tuning.


P.S.: It’s the Rally engine so shift ar 4500rpm and it’s RWD so be careful with the throttle at corner exits - it grips well but there might be some potential :wink:

Nice idea with this thread. I just had a quick build and lap with the Fiat 131 Abarth,I run 33rd 2.23.430 at Rd America.
I made a few small errors,i think 2.23.0xx is possible with the build i used. Here is the build and tune that i used,im sure it can be further tuned as i only spent 5laps tuning it.


Engine conversion-1.6L Turbo Rally
Forza Aero Front & Rear
205/55R14 Rear Tire Width
Sport Rim Style-Gram Lights 57 Optimise
Street Transmission
Race Differential
Race Brakes
Race Springs
Race Roll Bars Front & Rear
Race Roll Cage
Race Weight Reduction

Should Get…




Tires 29.0 28.5
Gears N/A
Alignment -3.5 -3.5 0.1 0.1 5.0
Roll Bars 12.00 10.00
Springs 350.4 350.3 5.6 5.6
Damping 10.0 9.0 1.2 1.0
Aero 50 80
Brakes 48% 106% (Optional)
Differential 20% 22%

I used TCS when i run this,and as ken has said… shift up gears at 5,000rpm.
After i run this,i had another look at the build options,just a thought but it might be a faster build to not use weight reduction and to add more power to the engine,
the celicas are running more hp. but i have not tested the theory yet.

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Nice to see somebody is in. I’m not the best driver but I’ve put up some decent times. At the moment it’s a bit tail happy. Maybe TSC with more power should do the trick - will try your build tomorrow. But T100 should be possible at some tracks. I tested Sebring (Full) to and were close to the Kia of Lou, cause of the higher top speed.

THX Swift for sharing!

OK, I had a quick run on the Testtrack Airfield.
With Swifts build and TCM I was 0.1sec faster.
With Swifts build and TCM with first restrictor plate and without weight reduction I was 0.6sec slower.

It seems that more power isn’t the key. Maybe we can reduce the oversteer and run it without TCM? Any ideas?

You should test cars on a proper track,the airfield is a joke imo,and the fiat is not suited to it at all. I am a top30 no tcs driver,but this car wont ever be easy without tcs,all you can do is dumb up the roll bars and lower the diff,or add more tire. It may make it easier,but slower as a result. I have spent time with this engine and similar builds on the cortina and celica,see sebring and rd america lbs… it can be done but requires a very high skill level and throttle control. I hate using tcs,but the sad fact is its faster in Rwd 1.6 swap cars.