open letter to turn 10........

Guys, let me start by praising the mostly, valiant effort made by the folks at turn 10 for what , im sure you will all agree, they have achieved with forza 5. We could argue till we’re blue in the face about the reasons for the release, of what can only be described as a forza 6 taster. The fact of the matter is that this game is 60% finished. It perhaps boils down to microsft rushing out the xbox one, trying to get ahead of the opposition. No matter. Forza 5 was an unfinished day one blunder in my humble opinion.

Its not all bad news from me, I love the physics, in my opinion 100% improvement on forza 4. I love the graphics, showing off some of the power the xbox has. The new tracks are a revelation, spa is simply stunning, the bugatti circuit, a most welcome return, even evil bathurst, my nemesis at the moment, is great. Prague, ahh prague,

The cars are worthy of a mention. Open wheel finally arrives and what an arrival the old school f1 cars are simply great, the e21, easy to drive but will take ages to master. Finally we get caterham, big, big smiles here. All stunning, all available to explore via forzavista, all paintable.

Magnificent effort turn 10 staff. Truely magnificent.

Im not going to go over and over all the negative points, or all the missing bits, as, well, its all been said, well and Truely said. But heres the point that im trying to get across, bear with me please,

I love the forza series so much that it was the sole reason I bought the xbox one with the lce f5 and ive tried to ignore all the negative bits, but the one thing, the single, one thing, that has really disapointed me and perhaps you guys reading this, is the complete lack of any comunication from turn 10 studios, about how they are, if they are, going to put right the many missing things, that, we, the forza fans have been most vocal about since its release.

So please, turn 10, man up, let the forza community know your not ignoring us, tell us what you plan to put right, or might be putting right in the next quarter and the quarter after that. The less you say, the more you alienate.

Many thanks for taking the time to read.


to this…all you gotta do is wait and see. “WE” seem t think we are owed a list of what they are doing, when they are doing it, who had what for lunch etc. Phred had the asian food truck if it was Thur.

you dont honestly think they just sit back and laugh at the problems and complaints do ya?
give it time…i am sure things will be changing. actually i know for a fact they will…relax


Mate I paid 100 AUD for this game, I DO feel I am owed many things. If I’m paying so much for this game and console I definitely don’t want to be a beta tester.


I have heard you say this type of thing a fair few times in various discussions and threads Mimic, maybe you do know that Turn 10 are in the process of ‘changing’ things, but why on earth should we take your word for it? BTW, I am not expecting or wanting a response from you in this instance, (been there, done that), I am just stating facts based on what WE actually know, as to what is being done to fix Forza 5 at this time, and we know pretty much nothing!
No one here is saying T10 are sitting back and laughing at all the complaints, it’s that they are not even acknowledging the complaints, the list of bugs ran into 25 pages on the old forum, not ONE response from anyone saying something was being looked at or in the process of being fixed, the fact they mended bugs/glitches in the latest DLC rather than those that have been in the game since day one shows where their priorities are… and I doubt the ‘changes’ like upping the track or car count will be free either.

I, like many other gamers/Forza fans bought the Xbox One solely to play Forza 5, we have every right to be disappointed and complain that our race game of choice is not all it should have been… it is almost three months since Forza 5 was released and it is time we got some feedback as well as the mother of all patches to fix those bugs!

I agree with all the OP wrote, the handling is great, the graphics are great when the cars aren’t glitching in some way or the other, the tracks we do have look great too, there are just too many things in the game that need a workaround to get them to function properly… never thought I’d be this disappointed in a Forza game ever, fingers crossed T10 sort things soon, clock’s ticking fellas!

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I do understand the discomfort with being in the dark, but I greatly prefer them being too busy to talk to them spending all their time coddling us when there is work to do. I also am glad the game released when it did, unfinished or not, as opposed to having to wait a Titanfall or Destiny amount of time for it. All that said, there are a lot (a lot)of things that can be done to regain the community feel of FM4 across the board in a game that is otherwise a technical masterpiece.

Is this a joke? Why would Turn 10 care about what we think after they have hit their profitability hurdle? They have most likely secured funding for the next project and have a skeleton crew working on fixing game issues who support the DLC team.

duplicate post…delete.

i do think it’s fair to ask what they’re working on. of course we want details… but they’re not important. but i think the gist of what most of us want to know is whether or not they’ve moved on to the next title or not. are they still putting forth the effort to make a title update that addresses a lot of the concerns, or have they committed the majority of their assets to the next title and we can expect fairly little in the form of complex updates, and instead just a few band-aid fixes like the last title update with clutch sounds and windshields.

all xboxes have hard drives now, so we’ll get a monthly update with each car pack that gets released. so basically my question to t10 would be this. and it’s a serious question.

should we hold our breath that one of these updates will contain the answers to our prayers, or do we pretty much have what we’re going to get already in terms of the features, options, HUD and game modes and things like that?

they will do whatever they think is best. this is their baby. i’d just like to know what to expect.


Got to agree feel let down.Played FORZA 1 .Bought 360 for F2 -F4.BOUGHT ONE FOR F5 Tier 6 feel disapointed enough said.


I’m pretty happy with the game, but if I could do it all over, I probably would have waited to buy the Xbox One. The overall experience is not worthy of all this “next gen” talk. It’s just another console. I bought the console to play FM5. I could have saved the money towards a new Mac Pro.


this echoes my sentiment exactly. well worded and simple.


I have to agree that this Forza is the first one that has really disappointed me(other than Horizon), due to the lack of features and track selection as well as more bugs than a $10 motel. I’m really trying to not be too negative about it. It has the potential to be an awesome game, worthy of the Forza name, but it just isn’t there yet and the things Turn10 have fixed are, for the most part, quite trivial. I would also love to hear from Turn10 that they are working to fix various issues, as well as include features that will make this the kind of game it should have been from the start. I’m sure they are working on things, but just waiting to find out what they were working on only adds to the frustration. There have been 3 patches already, they have barely scratched the surface. The second patch broke a pile of things and the third fixed none of that.
Hard to keep a positive attitude.


What I find weird, and it might just be me, but as well as T10 being quite quiet about FM5 I think Microsoft have been relatively ‘low down’ now the XBOne is out. Before it was out, there was all this media hype and microsoft must have been spending LOADS on advertising, but now it’s just silence. We aren’t getting any hints, any real good sources for news and no real idea of what’s coming out and when.

We have all spent over £400 for the console and now they just expect us to get on with it and find our way around it by ourselves. I don’t like it.

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100% agree with op… It does worry me that the last update was really fast to fix the dlc problems so what is holding up all the other issues? I really wouldn’t mind if this is all we get as long as they are hard at work for FM6, since many people agree fm5 feels like a prologue to something great


It would be nice if Turn 10 laid out their plans, but they aren’t. Enjoy the game and vote with your money next time. This is the price of early adoption.

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Yeah Forza 5 is a little disappointing compared to the old Forzas. I mean don’t get me wrong. Forza 5 has really amazing and realistic graphics and amazing car sounds. Seems like that’s what Turn 10 focused on the most. This game doesn’t have as much Cars/Tracks/Features. But for sure I have a good feeling the next Forza is going to be good.

I’m glad they released it how it is. Otherwise you’d be waiting another six months or more for FM5 to come out. I’d rather have this release and then updates and DLC release for it. However, said updates are more than likely to be pay per item as we’re already seeing. The real problem here is we’re all having to speculate what is likely to happen in the future whereas Turn 10 could easily release some nuggets of say something like “oh hey we have four tracks coming free later this year, including The ring!”. That would suffice. Personally love it, I’d rather this approach than the god awful Gran Turismo 6 Polyphony just release…1990s anyone?


Yup EXACTLY had they waited until everything was peachy keen people would be pulling their hair out. I get people’s frustration but business decisions have to be made on things other than emotion.

My company provides information gathering and risk services for governments, corporations, organizations etc. We do not make decisions on happy feelings. we make decisions based on what we can produce and accomplish in a timely and cost efficient manner.

I am sure T10 does the same thing with a dash of touchy feelie customer stuff thrown in to the mix.

At some point they met in front of a white board and said what can we have tested, and retested and QA’d and done for launch date XXXXX? And within a few hours that whiteboard looked like a scrimmage on a rugby pitch.

Each group pushed their areas forward the best they could to provide what they could by launch date. It was undoubtedly very important for Forza to be THE first racing sim published at launch. First mover is ALWAYS a great place to be.

so if folks could be patient I bet we get the product that we are all stoked about.

Regarding answering specifics about their future plans? That would be like me telling a government that we’ll be in your area collecting information for a client on March 23, 2014. Come and hassle us.
Why give competition free information?

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