Open Letter to Brian Ekberg RE: Horizon 4 & Me

FH3 its a massive difference, people wanted to customize their avatar what we get is the save avatars you dress up as women with stupid crowns and golden mini skirts because that’s all you win in wheelspins. Duplicate items constantly annoys when you spend 10 skills points on a dupe car that sells for 3k because of luck as there ss so many others in there. If you wanted to put clothing in put it in a shop, make hairstyles a thing and make more than 2 white guys in fact double the avatars if we can’t change simple thing putting on a jacket still makes me look like another random with different jacket it feels like orphan black.

I hate all this gated content and elitest unicorn cars that you have to beat unbeatable drivatars, heck I have only just got off beginner because my reaction times are greatly effected my the I’m out of morphine I have to take, its more than the uk prescribed by the Government in the uk, which I believe is 85mg a day, I am on 120mg a day for serious spinal damage in the base area of my spine. I can’t work so I can’t afford a stearing wheel, to perhaps compensate for the controller not having to move my hands as feet and hands remain on the pedals and wheel all the time. I miss a lot of events too like the first formation that had the Porcshe GT3 RS and the Hurrican my favourite car I had to buy in the AH, in FH3 if you check the history of my cars it says 1 owner original owner DomE179 (myself) that is because the game was more friendly to me and I could build up enough money to get all the cars and even do the forzathons.

I eventually managed to get on with FM7 when they removed all the barriers to collection that they based that game on, people collected all the cars in H3 so lets make MS7 about collecting but there was boxes until they removed them (after I managed to get most of the suits and cars I have been missing the same ones as I was before they moved the gsting to only FE cars, oh and back to op from tangent in H2 1 page of skills to fill, H3 3 pages but reusable free upgrades free yes free. But only 5% off auto shop. Horizon 1 could get discount in the upgrades not in H4. Seasons are great but I want to choose I preferred always summer winter reminds my of grinding blizzard mountain for the locked RSRX, the only reason I got blizzard mountain for.

I think, it is time to look around and find alternatives for these two games horizon and motorsport that are more accessible because I will never get the Hudson hornet, gt3rs even attempt the team thing, the champion ships you have to beat the unbeatable? If I can’t find it on Xbox maybe it’s time to go back to PlayStation I would still play XB1 because of the 200 odd games because of the old Xbox rewards that’s garbage now and backcompat but, could Inafford that? Really, no not realistically I just hope I find more comparable game like the old turn 10 FM3/4 and eventually FM7 and Playground Games horizon 1/3/2 in that order 4 is for me no


You only have to beat Expert for the Hudson Hornet.


This. Getting the Hornet is easy :-D. Even if you are terrible at tuning download one of hte 100’s of options and go. With the training wheels, AWD, and some power it is easy to take on the crowd. Most of which won’t have the training wheels so have to feather corners.

As for the rest - While I agree with some of what you are saying - there is no alternative. Going PS4 or PC isn’t going to help you. There is no competition for Forza right now. GT is a joke - online only or old crap graphics with laughable simulation. NFS has only gotten worse and worse - Its at best a fun SUPER arcade game - but they are far from the days of Old. PC has some better Simulation products if thats what you want - but its not going to bring back Forza 4.

I don’t like the direction T10 or PG are headed any more than the next guy - but threating to leave for something else is moot! You can vote with your wallet by not buying Forza - but (for now) you can’t look elsewhere.


Man… I totally forgot about the training wheels. It was so much fun(sarcasm) going around a corner and end up going too fast. Lol. Still got the car but it took many, many rewinds.

Very much this.

I don’t understand moaning about beating “Auld Lang Syne” thing to get Hudson is hard. It’s expert difficulty, not even close to hardest difficulty.
My conclusion would be that those people only press right trigger of the controller or throttle on pedal all the way down for three minutes straight and expect to win every time?
Horizon series is very arcadey, that’s a fact but some thinking and control still has it’s place how things work in the game.

Load a tune, or make one for yourself even to your liking, it’s not hard. Still no good? Change car. Brake for corners and you’re all good :slight_smile:

One mediocre tune in the sea of million Reliant tunes for D100 available in my profile as well. Won the championship on expert with that easily.

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Haha, good luck with that. The Forza series is the most accessible. That’s why it is so popular.


not trying to flame but this is the type of casual behavior where people don’t want to EARN things or be challenged in any way. it’s how fh4 has become what it is now. i don’t agree with how T10 caved to opening all cars to purchase. i guess they may have been compelled given how buggy the FM7 launch was and trying to win back some approval.

also, there are alternatives. there’s been a bunch on the auction house. or use the mercury. it is a perfect alternative for the hornet.

just play buddy. they’ll all be easily accessible in time.


Sorry about your health conditions - but in no way should that warrant you complaining on behalf of the rest of us that we can’t get cars we want. It’s unfortunate that you’re unable to play at a level that it takes to get certain cars, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us who can should have to accept that other players who aren’t good enough can get the same cars we can. I am so sick of people complaining that cars cost money, or take certain challenges to unlock. This is a game. A game should be a challenge. Rewards are what is satisfying and I like having rewards for accomplishing things in this game.

I missed out on the mosler that was just unlockable by the trial co-op thing because I didn’t have time to play last week due to the holidays and vacation. I didn’t come on here complaining that they should just give it to me. I’ll just work towards buying it in the AH.

I hope PG dismisses this open letter and all other complaints from baddies not being good enough to get things done in this game…

Did you not get the Mosler as a free gift on January 1st? I’m pretty sure everyone else did.

Check the “Gift” tab in your “Message Centre”.

I must say the Mosler is an absolute beast and will undoubtedly enable you beat hands down any previous Speed Trap or Speed Zone times you may have already got.

There’s tons of them in the AH and cheap too! Probably all the duplicates being offloaded by those who won it last week during the trial.

I’ll have to look. To be honest I have not logged on in over a week lol. Thanks for pointing that out though!

And I have the other issue. I do want to earn things, I started getting better at racing, I change the difficulty whenever it asks.

And yet I still can’t have a Crown Victoria, or a Taxi,
This is what I consider ‘gated content’ So I just have to have good luck at some point? and do nothing particular ingame. Let me earn cars, let me earn money to buy cars.
This is an odd welcome back for someone who has not had an Xbox for a while, I wish I knew this stuff was locked away behind random games of chance before I started this, I naively just assumed it was going to be, Another Forza horizon game like the first one I played, I only got to horizon 2 in the past. I was hoping they would appear in a barn maybe but Nope just. recycled stuff it seems, finding an LHD MG in the UK somehow irks me.

But yeah I still am amazingly salty about being locked away from two of the main things I wanted. maybe modern gaming is just not for me?

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not sure how much you play to earn wheel spins and super wheel spins but there are other ways too:

  • watch mixer fh4 streams. just set your laptop on a fh4 farming stream
  • purchase wheel spins with skill points
  • spend time in the auction. especially good now as more players just got the game over the holidays. many are listing cars at min buyouts too

just some ideas

I don’t usually find the weekly challenges to be excessively difficult (except for some of those drift ones and the truly awful, buggy, multiplayer-only trial events I pretend don’t exist), but I do despise the time-limited nature of them. Even if the challenge itself is perfectly reasonable, sometimes RL comes up and I don’t get a chance to play FH for a week.

In that case, I’m stuck trolling the AH hoping against hope someone will put one of those cars up for sale at a reasonable (not 20 mil “legendary” scalper) buyout (and I’ll happen to refresh the AH at just the right instant to get it before someone else), or hope the devs will offer the vehicle again in the future.

Neither option is at all fun IMHO. A better option would be to add the weekly challenges to a constantly growing event catalog and highlight the new challenges each week. Players can go back through the catalog and play past events, and still earn the rewards if they missed them the first time around.

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The reason why we have unicorns is because of opinions like these.

Of course, it could only originate in the dumpster known as the Forza subreddit.

Go play Motorsport, then. You can race any car in the game, aside from DLC you don’t have, at any time.

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