Open Drift Meet Lobby Plague

Hello FM7 staff, I have been unforunately banned unfairly from your servers. I am writing this to hopefully bring to light something that is severely crippling the enjoyment of the game in this particular multiplayer lobby (in my experience). I have been playing Forza since motorsport 2 and am a long time time fan of the game. Recently have taken a long break from the game due to drifting being my favourite part of the game, and no other game imho can compete with yours, however the multiplayer drift lobbies are plagued with trolls driving grip cars and ramming, in particular the indycar. I have recently come back to find nothing has really changed, and have been playing for only 2 days and had enough of it. Surely enough after being rammed several times in every joinable lobby and not being able to kick players in these grip cars doing the ramming, I resorted to ramming them back.

I have consequently been banned from the servers, after being messaged through xbox live by the instigating culprits that they had recorded video and reported me for ramming.
Sure enough I have looked at the process involved and you claim to only enforce bans upon people after receiving evidence.

Now I would have thought that upon looking at the so called evidence you would have realised it was a drift lobby and the complainants were driving high powered, high grip cars and had no drift score whatsoever after completing several laps. I had been completing several high score laps even considering being rammed off the track and losing score for dozens of laps. Sadly I was wrong to trust in you guys to do the “right thing” by the genuine players.
I really hope you guys can sort out your “investigating” and solve this issue that has been plaguing drift lobbies for years, otherwise sadly this will be the end of the forza motorsport series for me.

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