Online server issues (can't connect to the servers)


I’ve started playing this game recently and all works fine, except I can’t play with my friends aka the Multi Player doesn’t work for me.

  • I’ve unlocked the “social” (by opening 2nd festival)
  • I can download cars, liveries, the auction house is working,…(so online features work)
  • Meanwhile i’ve also unlocked “Clubs”, I could create a club and my friends can join the club, no problem there either.

As you can see in picture 1, I also don’t have the “Teredo tunnel” adapter blocking my connection, like some people have.

What i get when trying to connect (online freeroam, online adventure, creating horizon groupe,…), that you can see on picture 2

What i make of it all : The Forza servers don’t seem to be able to find my location

I’ve already tried :

  • uninstall / reinstall teredo tunnel adapter (both from device manager as with the command prompt method)
  • changing IP to a fix IP address (for instance google one)
  • disabled, even uninstalled anti-virus at one point
  • I’ve forwarded and opened all ports needed by FH3 on my modem router and rebooted the router

I am running out of ideas and options here, but one thing is sure : The Multiplayer still doens’t work.

Anyone here got any other ideas ?

It is not you, Turn 10 have been having server issues since about November 21 or so. The last big download helped for about a week and now it is back to hit and miss if you can access the server. I do a lot of Rivals, got tired of the crash bandits in online racing, so I run rival times against friends and you are lucky if you can access the server at all. I really wish they would fix it but alas I have no responses to the inquiries I send.

“We are aware of a current issue with the online servers for Forza titles on Xbox 360 and #ForzaHorizon2/#ForzaHorizon3 on Xbox One. Thank you for your patience whilst we work to rectify the problem.”

Not only XBox having server problems. Also the PC version can not connect to the servers the last 12 hours. And actualy the problems did already start last sunday with unreliable connections. Somebody just do CTRL-ALT-DEL

Seeing as though both xbox and pc use the same servers that would be why it is affecting both