Online racing - Grid position versus Finishing position

I’ve been reading and contributing to a few threads lately. A common theme I’ve noticed is people saying that if they run a clean competitive race they are happy to finish in the middle of the pack if for instance they’ve had a bad first lap starting from near the back.

I’d agree with that. A suggestion here to try and encourage this thinking in others more. Why not have the starting position in brackets somewhere in the race results.

I realise that this is only tinkering around the edges. But I’ve noticed people often pay attention to lap times if they don’t win the race (I do too). For example; “I finished fourth but got the fastest lap, I’ll take that.”

I also realise some people don’t take any notice of race results and move on. I don’t know how difficult this would be to implement either. Any thoughts?

A “placed gained” graphic would be neat, but probably only appeal to a very small amount of players. Personally I compare fastest laps when I finish, although the overall race result and number of crashes/battles usually determine whether I had an enjoyable race or not.

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Agreed a places gained - would be cool.

I typically only focus on fastest laps though. I’ve been in lobbies that were wreck feasts (long beach can be a beast) and I just held up gotsomeclean track and ran fastest lap while P14. Winning isnt everything and now I start at front of grid next race