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This is completely NOT Turn 10’s fault, but something has to be done with the terrible drivers online. It is so sad how bad some drivers are. They have no respect for your lines and I swear they drive cars with no brakes. Forza is a game that takes time to learn, people think they can just build a car and just race. Does not work that way. I ask you all and Turn 10, there has to be a better way to separate the better drivers from the poor ones.There has to be a way to keep the clean and faster guys in a different lobby from those who are clean. I liked the system in Forza 4 where you had different driver titles by your name like Legend, Veteran. At least this way you knew who could drive. Also, I have an idea for people who wreck. If your in the last two or three place then your car should automatically be a ghost until the race is over.

What are you talking about? You may be thinking you’re playing some other game. In Forza there are literally no rules, no penalties (of course you can’t be punished for breaking non-existing rules), and races are complete anarchy. This is the way the game was designed and intended to be. If not, there would obviously be a penalty system in place and the rules would be widely published so everybody could keep up to date. There’s no such thing, though, so everybody is free to do anything they want in online races.


Exactly. There needs to be something implemented

The marshals can’t possibly be in every lobby 24/7, but they are out there. There are rules and you will be punished for breaking them if caught. Plenty of offenders have been punished already. T10 is working on some new things to try and address the problems in the public lobbies which should roll out soon. Take a look at the WIR and the streams for more info.

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Can you point me to the list of rules, please? I don’t think ANYONE has ever read them.

OK, so I have my flame retardant suit on with Nomex underwear.

Try ghost racing until you find the right mix of class and participants. Seriously, I find the cycled group and E class online racing to be relatively free of griefers, but ghost racing really just lets me just find and work on my line. Leagues are also way better for a less hassle experience. Most of all, try Leagues when Spec Ghost is on.


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I would love to see a system similar to GT sport. Penalties and a ranking system based on how fast and how clean you are.

Luckily 99% of the time I get away at the start and either pull away or have some great battles with good drivers. However if I do end up middle to the rear of the pack it’s clear these people struggle to keep a car on the road, even if you show patience and leave plenty of room it’s all too common to get smashed off the track. I have no problem with that though, you have to start somewhere afterall and not everybody takes the game seriously. Track limit enforcement and possible penalty system will not change a person’s ability afterall. Some of these people do deliberately sideswipe you when overtaking, not much better than your standard lobby wrecker but overall I feel most people are at least trying to race clean.

Now a ranking system would help, especially if it’s difficult to rank up but that also brings its own issues. People in different ranking bands could find it difficult to find people to race with on occasion.

Even the Marshall system is deeply flawed, helps in the short term instantly removing problem players from a lobby but long term it does nothing. They can request a problem player to be banned and this player receives it, makes a new account and continues to grief lobbies. Bans should be a console ban of booting up Forza, not an account ban that is easily bypassed.

Track limit enforcement can be very harsh racing wheel to wheel. Sometimes you have to go across the white lines a little to avoid contact. It can punish safe driving and could be abused by being deliberately nudged into these areas.

Every fix has its own compromises. The only fix the game needs is ghosting when 2 cars speeds are vastly different and lapped car ghosting. This would, for the most part solve the worst plague on Forza, the rammer.

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As always I would recommend a driving school like Gran Turismo had from the get-go. Maybe especially tailored towards online racing. Many players in the lobbies don’t know how to deal with overtake/being overtaken situations and this causes countless crashes. Swerving in the way of an approaching car which has massive overspeed is not “defending”, running people off the track is not holding your line while providing enough room and so on.
Most crashes I’m involved in (aside from being wrecked on purpose) have to do with bad racing etiquette or no knowledge of it. Only a very small minority (mostly superb drivers) know when to go in for an overtake and otherwise back down.


A racing school like GT has (Licenses were so fun) or like GTR2 had is a nice way to teach people de “do´s” and “do not´s” of racing. But I think that it would also drive some people away of the game because they just want to lay in the couch after a hard day at work and relax (Though, personally, I don’t find people crashing me relaxing in any way), and not having to follow a set of rules.
So far I have never had a successful racing experience in FM7, public lobbies are full of rammers and I don’t know enough people or any group to race in private lobbies with. And I was so excited by the competitive aspect of the game, but it doesn’t do anything to “take you there”. I think that, currently, the best game that has pulled this competitive thing is Project CARS 2. Ranking works prettty well, although there are not too many high ranked servers. But those with “regular” ranks are pretty good, racing is fun, pretty much clean (Or gets clean if you survive the first turn crash) and racers respect each other’s space most of the time.
It’s not T10 fault, but to some extent it somehow is because there’s not an environment to teach how to race. Just a bunch of tracks, with tire walls in chicanes (That’s not trusting in your player base) and no punishments for exceeding track limits (Invalid laps, drive through, added seconds). People doesn’t know how to race or the don’t care to learn, and the game allows it. I guess those are development decisions.

Funny thing. I did an online grass roots league race the other day. The lobby was full of dune buggies a couple of Bronco’s maybe? Just for to be different I picked the 45 Willys jeep and I think I was the only one. I started out dead last and I figured the dune buggies would blow right past me anyway. So I just plodded along driving my race. This was at Brands Hatch in the rain. First turn a couple of buggies go off. Second turn not bad I think everyone got through but that straight between 2 and 3 all hell broke loose and Broncos and buggies were going everywhere tire flying cars spinning. I weaved through without a scratch. I kept racing my race trying to keep distance from other cars. Side by side two wide in a turn. One buggy tried to make it three wide on a straight but I did not see him as I was making room for the car on my left. I squeezed him off but we never touched. I am sorry about that but some times that’s how it goes he tried to shoot for a hole and it closed up on him and he had no where else to go. I wound up getting passed by two other buggies just as the rain started to fall. I could not see a thing because of the spray they were kicking up. We came up on turn one and both buggies must have come together because they both went off hard to the wall. I kept up my slow pace and slowly but surely started reeling in the guy in front of me. I had a couple of mistakes and slid the back end out a bit but caught it each time. Last lap I am still gaining on the guy in front of me but no race left I crossed over the finish in fourth. I had to watch the replay a couple of times because I could not believe that no one hit me. And no it was not a ghost lobby in fact the ghost lobby was closed at the time.

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Its all about picking your spots. Hanging back and letting people take themselves out is usually the best course. League races arent as crazy as hoppers. Once you make it to the pinnacle league, you may run into a few dummies who prefer to not let others pass but for the most part its a very clean lobby

In the hoppers it’s like 10% clean racing and 90% just Peggy 18 wreck fest by 4-8 wreckers in the same lobby…

One of the main reason I got a refund from MS

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I find it funny that this guy is complaining about bad drivers when he is one of them. I meet this guy the other day and for the first time and he no brakes me because i barely rubbed up against him as I passed him. He was talking all that respect my line mess like he’s doing here when he messaged me after I sent him the clip of him no braking me after I passed him. If you want to see this clip go to my profile it’s the one with the white NSX. I’m just trying to help you people out. Don’t want you believing everything people try and feed you. :v:

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"ghosting when 2 cars speeds are vastly different " THIS

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