Online players disappearing from view after Forzathon Live

Forzathon Live seems to have a couple of issues. The first one is that at the end of a Live event, the majority of the other online players just disappear from view, although you can still see them in the map. The second is that many times the majority of players waiting for a Live match to start also disappear the moment the countdown timer goes to zero. This second issue is far more of a problem as you can be waiting to start with 10+ other cars, but when the first round actually starts, 3/4 of them just vanish, but the score targets seem to be set as though all of the cars are still in the event. When the targets are scaled for 12 cars, but only 3 remain to actually play, it makes it virtually impossible to finish all three rounds. I wonder what happens to the cars that vanish…do they just get booted from the match, or do they get their own match?

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Multiple times the event has started and its been just myself and one other driver to do all three events.

Have the same problem time to time. Others disappear after the start.

Seems like some kind of progressive server issue. I have noticed this also. Its like the game splits everyone up into different server instances.