Online multiplayer questions

I just started playing multiplayer more often, so I apologize if this should be obvious.

  1. Is chat disabled/broken on my end, or is it just that most everyone keeps themselves on mute? Whenever I plug my headset in I hear nothing. What settings should I check on my xbox and account? Or am I best advised to avoid the chat anyway?

  2. Sometimes I accidentally crash people. I really try not to, but sometimes I’m late on the brakes, or sometimes I"m sideways when I should be on the brakes, and I just don’t have the ability to slow down onto a turn. I obliterated a guy at the end of the high-speed straight on Bathurst last night, by getting a bit sideways when I should have been max on the brakes. Is there any way to apologize for this? Do people use the voice chat for that? If it was 100% my fault, I pull over and wait so they can stay ahead of me, but I don’t do it for small bumps while passing, or if I hit them because they hit the brakes when I think they shouldn’t have, and I’m not sure if people always notice when I do this anyway.

  3. Taking cuts: I assume anything that counts as a clean lap is fair game, but otherwise is the prevailing thought that you do whatever you can to decrease your time, or is it unsportsmanlike to take intentionally “dirty” but fast shortcuts?

  4. Lines when someone fast is right behind you: do you alter your choice of line when someone behind you is fast enough to pass, to make room? Or the opposite, to block them out? Or neither, and just take whatever line you would in rivals?

  5. Do you always know if you hit someone? Sometimes another car is thrashing all over the place (due to lag, I think?) and I assume on their xbox they look normal. If they hit you when they’re like that, do they know? Do I do this to people and not know?

I probably have more. Sorry if any of this is obvious, but I’m not a big online gamer, I’m new to xbox in general, and none of my real-life friends play this game. Also if there’s an faq for stuff like this, I’d be interested in reading it.

Welcome! You’ve come to the right place with your questions.

  1. Personally, I don’t use my mic to chat simply due to the level of rudeness and immaturity I often find online when I do use my mic. Not only that, but the constant chatter breaks my level of concentration. I’m not sure how often people are or aren’t talking while racing as I choose to go into a party by myself so that I don’t have to listen to all the nonsense.

If you’re plugging in your headset and hearing nothing you may try restarting your console to see if that corrects the issue, other than that I don’t really know what else you could do about it. Maybe someone else here on the forums will have an idea as far as voice settings.

  1. If you take out another driver it’s usually a good idea to apologize to them via chat or by sending them a message after the race. I don’t use my mic usually so if I wreck someone badly I send them an apology via message, believe me its worth doing as most people much appreciate the apology.

Hanging back to let the driver you wrecked regain their position ahead of you on the track is always a polite thing to do and will go a long way. Just be aware that not everyone would do the same for you but sometimes you have to be the bigger man.

  1. Cutting corners is most generally frowned upon by the community and rightfully so. There is much debate about whether or not individuals should be cutting corners that still allow for a clean lap. For example you can cut Eau Rouge at Spa Francorchamps and still get a clean lap and many people do just that. I on the other hand don’t care if the lap is clean, to me it’s still corner cutting clean lap or not. Really it’s up to you to decide what kind of driver you want to be but if you stray away from corner cutting you’ll definitley gain more respect from other like-minded drivers.

  2. I can’t speak for everyone here so I’ll tell you what I do. If a car behind me is faster and attempts to overtake me, I choose to make room and even let off the throttle slightly if needed to allow them to make the pass clean. Odds are if they caught up to you, their car is faster than yours. I have years of experience racing online and I can tell you that blocking usually leads to crashes, if the car behind you is faster, they will eventually find a way to pass anyway so why not just give them the room to do it safely. With that said if you are holding the racing line then it’s the passer’s responsibility to find a clean overtake, you do not have to give up your racing line.

  3. Sometimes you’ll run into lag online, I assume that if you hit a lagging car it looks normal on their screen even though their car is jumping everywhere on yours. I’ve had jumping cars land on the roof of my car before and I’ve often wondered as well what things look like on their screen.

Thanks for the answers. How do you send a message after the race?

I’m always relieved when I pass someone and they choose not to wreck me. I suppose others probably feel the same way, and I’ll hold my racing line and just make sure not to hit anyone passing me as long as I can reasonably avoid it.

Yeah. At one point yesterday a car moved rather abruptly away from mine while I was making a pass. He could have just swerved I guess, but I wondered if his xbox showed me hitting him, even though it was a clean pass on my xbox.

When you get back to the lobby after the race you can select the gamertag of the person you wish to message. Then select view gamercard, you will then see an option on the right somewhere to send message.

Another way to do it is to press the Xbox button on your controller to go to the dashboard. Then scroll right and select your friends list, once there you can choose to view recent players. Select the gamertag of the person you wish to message.

Dealing with a faster car depends on the situation. I run with some of the fastest in the game, in out group we refer to them as aliens, cause they can’t be human.

But they’ll tell you two things. One don’t adjust to let themby, because it can cause you to move over to where they move to pass, so it can cause a wreck by doing the unanticipated.

Secondly, the really fast guys actually like it when they have to work to pass someone. Now, like was said above, I don’t mean blocking, but run your line, and run it consistent. They’ll watch and find a way around or you’ll mistep and they’re gone. part of the experience aspect of racing i learning to cope with a full rear view mirror and remain calm.

Of course this only applies to a lobby of respectful racers, and won’t apply consistently in a public hopper. You have to feel it out, case by case unless you get with a group of likeminded and run with them. all the time.

The lag thing, sometimes if someone is lagging and simply touches another car truly catastrophic results occur. cars can be flung 300 feet in the air, cars can slingshot through others, and sometimes you don’t feel it IF it’s you lagging.
If there’s one car “floating” or being erratic, most likely it’s them. If the whole field is flying, it’s you.

Thanks for this. Seems like it’s more fun for everyone then if I race the best line I can, try to keep it clean, and just see what happens regarding a faster driver getting past me.

And I’ve certainly noticed that a public lobby won’t be full of respectful racers, but sometimes the respectful racers all work their way to the front and have a good competitive race for the top few spots. The fact that it doesn’t work out that way every race kinda makes it more satisfying when it does.

Hairpig - the simple fact that you’re asking these questions means you will make a lot of friends that are respectable racers.

I usually wear my mic to apologize for a bump. If you start talking and calling out your position other people will usually start talking.

Also, there are a lot of clean racers in cycled production. I’ll be in there at 8pm CDT (UTC - 5).

I’m glad that a new racer has commonsense. Thank u for asking these questions because it shows u care. The above answers are the exact answer I would have also given. Don’t adjust ur line unless u do it way ahead of time so the driver behind knows what ur doing. The problem with that (unless communicated to the passing driver) is that slower cars tend to wreck people while passing. I personally and like stated before would prefer u to run ir line. I have lost plenty of races being the fastest guy on the track by seconds but 1st place was holing the inside line and making me work for. I would lose that race every time if I had to because that’s a fun race. If u wreck somebody off the track let the back on like u said u do to avoid complications in future races with that person. Send a message afterwards and 99% of the time it’s all good.

By u asking these questions and understanding racing etiquette already if u ever want to hop in a lobby with me please send me a message. I will try to answer any questions u have on car selection or tuning and will point you in the right direction.

From the forza community thank you for understanding the correct way to race.

  1. That’s been glitchy from day one.
  2. Apologize, send message if it was really bad, or slow down and let the guy pass you back. Most people will forgive and forget if you race them clean in other races.
  3. If you corner cut intentionally you’ll likely get taken out often by others. There are spots where it’ll appear you’re corner cutting but in actuality you just messed up and most people will ignore those instances if you continue running clean laps or simply communicate your error.
    4.Hold your line and it’ll be ok. Give room only when they have position on you in corners. If done right you can force them to run slower/sharper lines which may help you hold them off. Erratic movements will normally cause you to be ran in to.
  4. Try passing lagging cars quickly. Many times you’ll end up in some crazy lag wreck and the other guy doesn’t have a scratch. Its really odd.

Thanks for all the replies, they’ve been very helpful.

I’ll keep trying the headset to see if it works sometimes. When it didn’t work I assumed I set something up wrong and gave up on it. But I can definitely see that it would be helpful to be able to apologize, not just out of courtesy, but because I’ve been revenge-wrecked after accidentally hitting people. One guy caught up after I accidentally put him into the wall in a corner, and took me out full speed at the end of a straight and then quit the race. I gotta assume if I’d been able to apologize and say it was an accident, he’d have been a lot less likely to do that.

What about if you’re behind someone and they make a mistake that causes you to hit them? Like, maybe they brake really early, or brake on a turn that can easily be taken wide open, or get loose/sideways, or anything that is their mistake and puts them in my way going slow such that I can’t avoid them? It’s easy to apologize for that hit, but should I also let them go ahead of me? Or is it a “that was your mistake, so I’m going ahead” situation?

Some guys are going to revenge-wreck regardless if you acknowledge any contact. Earlier today I was side by side with a guy on the first corner of Laguna Seca, and he kept to his line turning himself into me. He left me nowhere to go so obviously we bumped. He didn’t wreck or anything and started claiming I was ramming him. Sure enough he goes full speed into the next corner… and misses because I was watching behind me. Sometimes you can get a feel of when someone is going to be an idiot.

As for guys that are braking where they don’t need to, in my opinion it’s on them if there is contact. There’s still no harm in saying sorry, but then again I’m Canadian. If a guy is getting loose in a corner, I try to slow down so as to not spin him out. However, there are guys that are loose and sideways (and some even try to drift) all race. I find these guys leave no room for passing and slow me down quite a bit. These guys I’ll muscle my way past, regardless what happens. If they want to tokyo drift all race they can do so at the back of the grid.

When it comes to guys cutting the track, sometimes people can get forced off or just make a mistake. You will learn what tracks and corners where there is deliberate cutting. I don’t stand for it and will gladly wreck them. I had someone catch up over 10 seconds on me on the Alps because he was riding the walls. Naturally I threw myself into the rail to block him, and then wrecked him soon after. Call me whatever you want, but I’m no cheater.

1.) Most of the time people just don’t use their headset, I’m one of them, I have it but I hardly use it to speak to anyone (I do like to put on my headset just to listen to people talk though)

2.) Turn on the brake line if you’re not sure the pace of the track. To apologize, just put on your headset and say sorry (have it on all the time saves trouble). You can pull over to let the person you hit go ahead of you, but make sure you watch the situation so that you don’t ended up blocking the traffic.

3.) I hate cutting track, even if it’s count as clean lap in the game. You’ll learn a lot more from staying on the track than trying to make things easier.

4.) Defend your line, just follow the rules, stay clean, no sudden blocking, and one move only. Honestly, we’re fighting for position, even if I’m way faster than you, you should give it your all to defend yourself, that’s where the fun is.

5.) It’s lag, if their teleporting car hits you, sometimes they know sometimes they don’t, just stay away from them. If everyone on you screen are flying around, then it’s probably you (lagging).