Online lobby race results are confusing me

Since the update I have done a few online races and noticed where i have clearly finished in a certain position the race results have reflected something different.

Example: C Class Bugatti. I finished second with the second fastest lap (fastest and only clean lap) and yet was placed third in the race results. The person who finished first (fastest lap but dirty) was placed last and the winner was someone with one of the slowest laps some 13 seconds behind mine.

I can’t think of a better example and one which can’t be explained by online lag. There is no evidence of cars standing on the grid or anything else you tend to notice with lag.

This isn’t an isolated example it has been the same for me in every race. Anyone else noticed this? - maybe i’m missing something

That’s been reported in the leagues but I haven’t seen anyone mention it happening in the public hoppers. I raced for a couple of hours last night in various publics and didn’t see anything odd with the results. Well, there was one weird one in ABC’S but as it was a one-off I put it down to lag.

Its all up the swanny, league races aren’t giving points either won one last night with 20 racers in lobby, no points and had a cracking race with a guy nose to tail for 4 laps he finished second I finished 3rd but the results had him finishing last and me 4th. Probably get fixed soon.

Thanks for the quick replies. I thought it might be something to do with ‘Quickstops’ but every race I have entered has stated ‘0 Quickstops’ after the choice has been made. I can’t see how these ‘Quickstops’ are going to work in such short races other than to cause even more chaos but we’ll have to wait and see