Online lobbies

I have been trying to enjoy most of the game types put up but as soon as i get a couple races in and start doing decent a few wreckers/crashers will appear. I remember in FM4 that we could upload the videos to have the mods look at it but there does not seem to be such a feature for FM5. I have already reported them on xbox live but it is hard enough to find a lobby with 4 people as it is. In reading other threads on the topic one point was made about using the racers lounge and thats great and all but when you want to jump on and play without dealing with the always slow or predictable drivatars and actually race REAL people you cant seem to avoid the wreckers/crashers. Is there any way of dealing with this and still playing the game online?

Not really. That’s why a bunch of the lobby regulars from FM4 no longer play FM5 online. They got sick of not being able to have some control in keeping things clean with a vote to kick that worked.

Wreckers can be fairly easy to deal with. Add me and I’ll see if I can help you out a bit. I’ll try to teach you what to look for and how to avoid most of their wreck attempts. If all else fails, FM6 will be here in a couple of months. Hopefully it will have better ways of getting rid of these wreckers.

If you encounter crashers/wreckers, after the race, you can save the replay, upload it and send a message to either Snowowl or HeliosT10 here on the forums describing who it was and how to find the replay. Also, just keep reporting crashers through the Xbox system.