Online leaderboards

Is anybody able to access the online leaderboards? They seem to be not working, forza 5 as well. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

They seem to be working o.k. for me on Forza 4 (just tried now) can’t say about 5 as not got a Xbone yet.

Edit - I’m in the UK not sure if that’s a factor or useful information or not.

How about the leaderboards on the Forza website? Are they working for you too?

Erm, this may sound odd and slightly newbish but where are they - didn’t think they had them on the website any longer.

I’m far from a newb just hadn’t realised they were even still on the website some where.

Here is the link:

It worked up until about a week and a half ago.

Interesting, haven’t been able to track down that page from the website itself - link does take me to a page which purports to be leaderboards but if I click on the forza 4 tab all I get is a spinning red circle that doesn’t seem to load. Gave it a good 5-10 minutes, which should be enough even on my ancient laptop.

If it’s a feature that they discontinued advertising, i.e. isn’t visible other than via a saved favourite of yours, maybe they’ve just switched off that link to the game servers altogether. Hopefully someone in the know can be more help.

I tried lol.


Thanks DamMe

Tried it too just now and it seems not active at the moment. Not sure if it’s permanent or not.

Not working for me either. Bummer.

Hasn’t been working for me either for over a week. I found it really useful for improving my times and racing new courses. :frowning:

same here…dont work on the web…did anyone try it on the 360?

I got it to load from my 360 on Sunday and ran a few ghosts. Tried to get it several times over the weekend off the web and it never loaded.

The Forza 4 Leaderboards work in game on the 360.