Online just isn't fun now

I’m sure people will disagree but it just seems that every server I join everyone within is at the airstrip… You hardly ever see anyone out that area. Am I missing out on something amazing at the airstrip or is everyone just interested in going up and down a straight in this game ?

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Its the forzathon event you got even people some that well throw the race so you get a car

I do understand there is a forzathon at the moment at the drag strip. But even before that. It just seems to be every lobby I go into. Everyone is at the drag strip :frowning: no one drifting, no one cruising.

Online adventure is where most are at n once in awhile freerome what do you pick

I go for free roam. What I enjoy doing in the game, free roam is most suitable. But not people people enjoy the same things as me haha !

Post in the racers lounge looking for like minded friends.

i spend alot of time on the airstrip because i used it for tuning cars. and the game is still new so i bet alot of people are there to tune their cars and see who can beat their tunes to find out if they need to work more on their tunes or not. and those who play solo for the most part probably spend time on drag races because it’s relaxing. all you need is tune various cars and have some throttlecontrol.
So tuners, lazy players and sore losers who only drive the dart or C class v12s in hope to win hang out there mostly. also a place to show of your designs i guess.
So tak SatNiteEduardos advice and look for like minded people. there are plenty of those who mostly want to cruise around in freeroam.

if you wanna cruise with some people for the fun of it my friends and i are on quite often, we can group up and just drive around.

Drag race spam was a huge thing in FH2 as well.

I don’t mind a few heats, even had a drag car for each class. Unfortunately, most folk were only interested in racing their X class Alfa 33s over and over, which I found fun for about 6 minutes. No variety at all.

In FH3 the drags are a mutant/malformed version of bracket racing that doesn’t make any sense and is horribly abusable, yet it’s still the most popular activity… Just keep jumping sessions until you find a good one, the 1st rule of online gaming.

Or, arrange to meet up with the like-minded, try posting in the racers lounge.

add me same user name if u wanna go drifting /cruiseing or rock climbing few of us on every night

I use the airstrip for drifting, around the 2 parked airplanes and in the buildings either side. but all i ever see is ppl going up and down the drag strip…