Online Freeroam is getting on my nerves,...

Freeroam online is really starting to tee me off.
There seems to be quite a bit of selfishness creeping in,…or may I have been unlucky on my opt ins.

My main gripes are:

  1. The amount of races that are drag races. Is that seriously all that everyone wants to do .

  2. The amount of S2 demolition Derbys on tight tracks where most people end up in a tree on the first corner and then proceed to bang and wreck you for the rest of the race.

  3. Racers who start an event that gets like 3 people in it and it turns out to be a 40 lapper. This ties up the session for the non racers who inevitably quit.

  4. Non racers,…at all. The amount of online free roams where the take up on races is minimal or none at all is quite frequent.

  5. Quitters,…racers who quit if they are not going to place first.

Sorry for the rant,…it was a particularly bad last night so went road tripping,…which also turned into a S2 free for all smash em up.

Have a fun day.

Not the answer but have you joined a club ??
These tend to have meets that are well sorted

I have only done a couple of online free roams and didn’t like them. They always just concentrated on drag racing of which I have zero interest. I do a lot of online road trips though and the S2 problem there is rampant.

They keep voting for S2 but 95% of these players cannot control or effectively drive an S2. These races are no fun and always demolition derbys. I admittedly suck at S2 myself so I did an experiment. I took a Ferrari Challenge Stradale and tweaked up to 904 to be just barely an S2 and in every respect really an S1. I entered this in 6 online road trip races and with a field of 11 I finished with one third, one fourth, 2 fifths, one 6th and one seventh. This was what I expected even though I was totally outclassed in car specs up against a slew of 998’s I was able to beat half of the pack.

I have a theory that most of these players upgrade just about every car to S2 because they can. Doesn’t matter that they have no ability whatsoever to drive it cleanly or effectively. They figure every possible upgrade just makes things better when in most cases it has the opposite effect. So they vote S2 because that is where all of their “good” cars are.

Yesterday I got in an S1 road trip and had 3 wins and a second. I’m not good but all of these players were terrible and couldn’t run a clean lap or route to save their lives. Road trip ends and of course they vote S2 after being totally incompetent at S1. Doesn’t make sense to me? I bolted. I wish there was a way to just never get involved with any S2 road trip races and would love the ability to choose what class road trip I entered.

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Solution A is to join a club, or add like-minded racers to your friends list so you can race with people who enjoy the same thing. Solution B is to join online road trips and not free roam. Solution C is to use the private free roam or road trip feature and not the public one. This behaviour in online free roam in not exactly anything new.

Now for your numbered items:

  1. Yes most of the people online want to do drag races and not much else. Those who do want to do actual races are all in online road trip.
  2. You’re probably just playing with a bunch of drivers who don’t know how to drive well, again, those who do are all playing with their friends in private sessions or online road trip.
  3. They cannot control who joins but they should be respectful of others and announce it over their headset (every single Xbox comes with a Kinect that can be used for chat OR a headset OR both). If they can’t do this they ought to be making these races in a private session but I don’t see them doing this anytime soon, so guess what you ought to do…
  4. If I wanted to race, I’d join online road trip, play Solo, play rivals, etc… Sometimes you just want to cruise with your friend. It’s fun to just drive around and chat when you want a break. This is online FREE ROAM where you are free to roam and do as you please. If you want strictly racing, again, join online Road Trip. Sometimes, my friends and I get in free roam and set up our own races and do them. Also, we’re often on private online free roam with a full room of like minded racers.
  5. It’s online with hundreds of thousands of people who all think they’re the best - get used to it.

So agian, the solution to all your problems is joining a club or group of like minded friends, using online road trip to race, and trying the private sessions feature.

As for the S2 debate - yes many people throw all the upgrades on every car they get. They don’t understand that not every car is competitive or even a viable candidate for every class. They also can’t drive in lower classes which makes this even harder and their tuning skills are non-existant and they don’t understand how to make a car that works.

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I would 100% support the join a club, may take a couple till ya find one you like. I never really get into public lobbies. I dont trust must people online as far as driving clean or wanting to do the same things as me. I am almost always in a private online freeroam with 3-4 friends or club members, driving around, cruising, tuning, jumping into races we ALL want to race, one event at a time. We do drag race. Not how public lobbies are, we/I prefer class A muscle cars, using cars one would normally drag race with, ya know. Anyway, mostly we just hangout. Cant stand people that talk, and talk and talk… (Just kiddin’Cuda!), no, I cant stand cocky arrogant people. I play with people that love cars, like hanging out and can put up with people that get distracted easily lol!!! (if your gonna switch cars, ya gotta put on some paint!). Its a game, should be fun!! Our club is open, (xDx) xDeaDx see if ya like it, if not theres plenty of others but honestly club or not, finding the right people makes all the difference!!

Thats why I never go freeroam and only do roadtrips lol.

I’ll run with you. I’m sick of being put into a tree or house when I’m in the lead because people don’t know how to race fair. Just let me know?

Going out of order here, so I will preemptively apologize in case it bugs anyone.

#4: What? Am I not allowed to drift with other people in an online lobby? Must I submit to your every beck and call, Mr. Race man? Is it really so selfish that I do what I want to do? Wait…

#2: Joking aside, I do agree with your S2 racing gripes, to which I will add some gripes of my own. People lose in A class cars, so someone figures that they would have an easier time winning in a faster and therefore harder to use car, so they vote for the S2 road trip. Every time. With the option to choose either an A or S1 class road trip. I don’t get it, but moving on… King and infected events in S2 cars? No thank you. I am then stuck racing the stock Agera (the thing is actually quite fast) in the rain (not so fast in this case) on a tight course (even worse) with all assists off (torture), somehow managing to hold a narrow lead (yay), only to have people in AWD drag monsters clipping my back end on every corner to use me as their secondary brake (loud, guttural noises).

Skip this next paragraph if you hate rants. If you like rants, read this and cry with me: That same event specified above was a team race, so I and another decent fellow, who’s name I cannot seem to recall, carried our team of four to victory, whilst one of our team members ‘drifts’ way in the back, selfishly trying to pass me and my other impromptu teammate on the XP championship board because he knows the rest of us will manage to win the event for the team whilst we also forsake ‘skill’ driving out of necessity (although it is very fast and skilled driving, controlling tire spin on a hypercar just isn’t rewarded by the game). If I could ask for a single offense that is not currently against the rules to be enforced with a ban, it would be this. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really mind the ‘hang back and get XP’ strategy that is used in the normally individual-based-achievement events. I hate the blatant scumbaggery of purposely sitting at the back of the pack in a team event you know your team will win for you, meaning you automatically gain more XP than the losing team, and then doing stupid ‘good’ e-brake drifts (because ‘ultimates’ are ‘too hard’) in an AWD car for five whole minutes until the end-of-race timer runs out, to try and surpass those very same team mates in an extremely shady and unsportsmanlike manner, forcing your team to ponder their own morals. “Should I win the race, and thus the event, and allow my supposed teammate to win the overall championship via a dirty tactic? Should I also drift in the back, doing ultimate drift skills and getting sideswipe skills, easily winning the overall championship? Or should I lose the race on purpose, only to have a person on the other team pass me by a few points, but fair points at that?” I would love to yell and kick and scream in impotent outrage and wholehearted contempt felt towards such cheap ‘tactics’, but I have actually seen worse in the public drifting lobbies of Forza 4 (Carrying a 100k+ point combo [that’s every corner of the track linked in one long drift] down stage b reverse of fujimi kaido, only to get rammed right before the finish by a guy with 20k points total, and he bragged about how he did it on purpose to win. He thought he was clever).

#1: Oh man, the whole drag racing thing. Most people have no idea how to drive well in the game, so sticking to straight-line races seems to be their best option (I know good drag racing takes a lot of skill and a few tricks, but the average Forza drag racer is not that impressive skill-wise). I will never complain about the quarantine areas that are drag races and the airstrip. It keeps the other roads clear. Mostly.

#3 and 5: I also won’t go into the amount of times I have been stuck doing the somewhat long horizon finale with young kids who cannot keep pace (they choose potentially faster x class cars, and I grabbed a literal drag-tuned RUF that picks its front tires off the ground when you turn). One of them quit about 5 minutes in, after screeching into their kinect mic about something involving totinos pizza rolls, a microwave, and their mother’s ‘inadequate’ efforts.

Forza multiplayer is a weird place, so best get used to it.

So basicly it boils down to my original reply,
Join a club or get some friends !!

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Yes…yes it does.

Welcome to the world of Forza online,enter at your own risk!!

Well… I’m sorry but, I know when I join a free roam, I join it to do exactly that. Free Roam.

And tbh, I see were you’re coming from. The main reason I don’t join any races in a free roam is because its ALWAYS an S2 drag race at the airfield.


Ok, so last night, at the urging of my friends xDeaDxCriMinaLx and Cudafish1966, I joined a public free roam. After a few minutes somebody started up an S2 event. Everybody said it just had to be a drag race, had to be. Pick one of my drag cars, NOT tuned for turning, and then ran 30 laps on a high speed circuit. To be honest it ended up being kinda fun, lol! I guess for ME, when I enjoy the game most I when its people I know, not 1 or 2 randoms that pop in and out, drive to wreck people, etc. I prefer private sessions, still fill up a lobby if we can, but everybody is involved and has a voice in what is raced or where we go/what we do. Just doesn’t seem to work out that way when I have gone into public. Always been chaos.

  1. I feel your pain. I don’t mind drag racing per se, but it gets boring after the 7,000th x-class heat.

  2. It’s shocking the number of players who think S2 is the only class, and who think any old car can perform well in S2 given enough BHP.

  3. Partly the game’s fault here, there needs to be more info in the “Player X has started an event” notification. Race type, # of laps, weather, etc… Not just car class.

  4. Also mostly the game’s fault. Without old-fashioned lobbies, there’s no way to separate players into those who are looking for MP races and those who just want to hoon about with their homies in freeroam. I suppose online roadtrip is the “answer”, but then you run into issue #2 as described by OP.

  5. I quit races on occasion, but not for this reason. If and when I quit a race, wreckers and/or excessive lag are the culprits.

FH2 is still an impossibly fun game though, in spite of these foibles.

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