online features disabled

so my main accounts online features are all disabled and keeps saying you have been disconnected, it doesn’t say i’m banned or anything never got a message on that i have let other people play on my account before idk if that matters, but my 2nd account works just fine no issues… i can’t figure out why it’s only targeting my main any help?

No-one here can help you with that mate. Have you filed a support ticket?

If you can’t get online with your main account but with the second one it is most likely that your main account has been banned temporarily or permanently from the online features. If there were technical problems you shouldn’t get online at all.

So it seems some of the other players on your account did something shady on your behalf. I would ask what they did during their playtime - downloading some risque livery perhaps or anything else. If you got banned you will get only a message ingame, but if that happens while another player is on your account - he or she maybe deleted it after reading to leave you in the dark.

Filing a support ticket is the only way to get some light in this.