online etiquette

I am pretty new to playing online, and when I do I much prefer playing in private lobbies with goodnpeople, that wanna race and have fun. Not smash into each other but also understand things happen. My question is, being a cockpit view driver, that’s where I get the most feel of driving the car and better times and all that, but I can’t see around me. Even though I do my best to drive clean, stay in my line and all that good stuff, is it bad to stay in that view for multiplayer, etiquette wise? The switch to outside give the whole view but is such a huge change. I drive horribly in the chase view, so before the change, what’s the majority rule here?

There’s nothing wrong with the view. Others I know use bonnet or bumper views. As long as you’re doing your best to be clean there’s not much else you can do; unfortunately idiots out there will still find ways to crash… some even on purpose.

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Right on. I just didn’t want to be that guy, ya know. As I said I truly try to hold my racing lines and race clean, for the record if ya see my name, I’m doing my best! You don’t want me in chase view, lol!

Cockpit view is fine if you have a quick and simple way to look around/behind you. I recommend mapping Rear View to the Y button.

When in Single Player or “clean air” in Multiplayer I’ll use Bumper Cam, as that’s where I feel the greatest connection to the car.

In Multiplayer traffic however I use Chase Far, and have done so ever since Forza Motorsport 4. The higher camera allows me to see the cars directly beside me, and I have Rear View mapped to the Y button for when the right stick just isn’t fast enough.

Also, if you have the distance ahead/behind UI element active, most cars are within “touching distance” at under 20ft. If you can’t see a car behind you and he’s within that threshold then he’s beside you.

Look in your rearview. It should give you a pretty good idea of whether you’re clear or not. Sometimes mistakes happen and it’s usually pretty obvious when someone is ramming intentionally. If we bang doors coming out of a corner I’m not one to take offense. Spin me on a straight when I’m going around you, and it’s a whole different ballgame

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I have found the the distance tracker, that can be turned on it the hud options, is very helpful when trying to gauge who is around me. I race in hood view, so I’m fine if I’m behind someone, but have trouble knowing if I’m clear after making a pass. It’s not foolproof, since it doesn’t say how far off your door someone is when side by side, but if you know the length of your car, you can more confidently get back in line. For instance, I have been racing my C7.R corvette and know it is 15ft long. Anything 16ft or more I know I can get back in front of a car, (though I usually wait until I’m about 20-25ft ahead so the guy don’t think I’m trying to chop him off) even if I can’t see it in my mirror.

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Feel free to check out ‘Forza Front Runners’ on facebook. It’s a group designed to coordinate and set up private lobbies full of clean racers at all skill levels.

I use cockpit 100% of the time, The rearview mirror is ok but I always find myself looking around with the thumbstick to get a better view of everything around me. Just don’t do it when entering a corner unless you have it down to muscle memory. lol

Just a general PSA; Just because you can take the esses at the Glen wide open, does not mean you can do it four-wide and then get mad for being taken out in a wreck that you caused because you couldn’t hold your line.


I agree. I feel a lot of unnecessary wrecks happen when people to make passes in sections of a track that should went through single file.