Online Drifting Suggestion

I have a few suggestions that i have found tend to be the running topics for the real drift community of FH5.

  1. Time extension for online drift mode. Unless you are cheesing with an AWD doing 150 into every turn with the e-brake held down. With the current time allotted most RWD drifters barely have enough time to complete 1.5 laps, and that’s with 0 “crud i hit that stuck out wall and went 70 to 0 real quick.”
    Forza used to do a great job with this, setting a timer in which 2-3 laps was achievable or a 30s timer once the first person had crossed the finish line on their 3rd lap. The drift community does not care if a match takes longer. Most of the drift community has resorted to Event Labs for customization and Time frustration already.

  2. The re-separation of AWD and RWD drifting again. We are tired of seeing the same 2 people at the top of the leaderboard in their BMW Isetta 300, Willy’s Jeep, with 250k more points than the rest of the lobby.

  3. A track voting system. I know they are easy to implement. Forza has used them as far back as FM3. I know we are limited in tracks as 0 “expantions” have come out so far. But it is fairly dissuading when my group launches online drift. and we get 4 A-class, with the same 3 tracks in a row. A voting system would clean up the 4 person lobbies, and give the Forza Team ample feedback on what tracks are popular and visa versa so that future DLC can continue to cater to making the game about the players wants.

The 7 people I play FM5 with even came up with an idea to fix all of these problems if found suitable and enough people pole on. A RWD only A-S1, 3 Lap rule. A 1:30s timer after first finish line cross, Or completion upon all cars finishing. With a vote for all 3 tracks at the start, or between tracks. This type of online “matchmaking” has been used in prior Forza gameplay and with reading many discussion boards across Forza’s reach, I’m failing to understand why it was removed.

Thank you for reading my long winded suggestion. Please vote and comment if any of this appeals to you, or you have adjustment suggestions, so that the dev team can get some feedback and even if not implemented directly, we can give them a or a few starting points.

Some very good suggestions. Yeah some tracks I only get to make one complete lap.