Online Convoy

Soo today i tryed to join my friend in a online coop session , first the game said some problem with the DNS server , had that on forza horizon 3 so i reinstalled my game , tryed to join again today and when i press to join convoy/play online its says at the top joining session and its stuck there and nothing happens and sometimes at the top it shows fetching group details and stays like that and i can’t play online!

Can someone help me?

I got the same issue, been a hell trought the Teredo Adapter issue for months, now that its fixed i cant join my friends races, its says unstable conection. I Play soo many games on Pc and this game is the ONLYONE that doesnt work, Played Sea oF Thieves, Steam, Origin and soo many more, the issue its only with this game. C’mon guys, how you gonna be the #1 platform on Windows if you don’t take care this issues?