Online Career Mode!

Hey Guys! A few guys and i have created a online career mode! We have been up and running for about 3 months now. Are Focus now is to draw in new players!

This is a forum based rpg where you build and race cars on fm7. The idea is you start with $8,000 you visit the dealerships to see what is in stock for what you can afford. Use whatever money you have left to buy parts, paint, or save. So you have a car and need more money. Wait for the weekly income or Lets go to the race tracks and see what is going on tonight. Official races being held will have cash prizes. Call someone out and gamble on a 1v1. Daily Hot Lap Challenges Drift/Grip! The entire point is to make it really hard to own a high end race car.

Now to get to the forum based rpg most will be confused about. lets say i sign up to play. it is up to me to make my profile page and post/ keep track of my transactions and cars and parts. Everyone will have a signature that will include a link to there profile page. lets say i buy a part. it gets approved so it is now up to me to go and change my profile. Every purchase or cash add must be approved by mod.

This is a way to make i race built civic something hard to achieve. Cars and parts will not be cheap. Driving a fast expensive highly tuned car is going to be something you can brag about.

For mobile users (Click desktop Mode in Bottom Left to make things a bit easier)

Link to the Game -------