Online Adventure why always the same Problem pls Turn 10 help us!

Dear Turn 10,

I´m a FH3 Player, nearly 2000k Hours playtime and 95% of my playtime is online A, S1 or S2 Racing Asphalt only.
i can´t understand why always we get the same Problem with the Online Racing mod in every Forza title.
FH3 was my first Forza game cuz i play on PC but i love it. The only thing i hate about it was the Online mode at the beginning of FH3. No Class Selection lobby etc… You fixed it weeks later and gave us Class selection lobbys. After the community goes enrage about the bad online mod ! Then FM7 come out. I buy it but the same thing happend. Not enough Class Hoppers etc. u know your problems i guess … or should i say i hope idk.
So FH4 come out i love the Game it´s awesome totaly … but why is the Online mod the same trash like in FH3 and FM7 before u updated it with new Hopper Class Selection Lobbys etc… Every game the same problem with it and every game we must wait 4 to 6 weeks that u realize it and add new hopper and co.

Best to discript the ranked Team mode … “i can win every race but when my team lose i lose” … nice ranked… can´t believe that u named it ranked, but well.

Don´t must say more to descript the problem with the Ranked mode!

At the moment the Game is boring for me and most of my Club members. We are Online Racer and nobody would play Cross Country or Offroad all the Time.
Pls Turn 10 give us Ghost Lobbys, Class Selection lobbys like in FH3.



Sorry for my Bad english i´m a german potato!

I guess noone would read this but the hope dies last…

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