Online Adventure: where participation trophies are worth more than winning

Playground, you have a serious problem. You can win the online events by not playing them. I easily got into third place and sometimes even first by just drifting around… I never raced to the next event, I never picked up a flag, I never chased the king… etc…

If there was a Call of Duty game where players could win by running around in circles it would be DOA.

Skills should not count as much as the event. Change it to something like: your finishing position is a multiplier for your skill XP. A guy who drifts like nuts and gets 2nd can beat a guy who gets 1st, I’m OK with that… but a guy who gets 10th drifting should not ever ever ever beat the guy who actually plays the game and gets 1st.

Or: maybe your skills are capped by your position. SOMETHING. The way it is now is dumb.

Try it yourself. You’ll see how bad it is.


And this ^^^ is why I’m not interested in the online components of FH3 at all. Once I finish the solo content I’ll be done with the game until the expansions come out. That’s unless major changes are made.

It was the same on FH2. To prove a point to some friends when we did an online roadtrip. I drifted around, never made it to the race, always finished last when the race started. Won the championship…Pointless. I do like the co-op campaign on FH3 but the online adventure is stupid.


FH3’s addition with HE cars has made it much worse. I saw someone with over 100k xp more than the second guy, never saw that in FH2, in that game it was at least possible to beat them if you knew how to keep your chain as drifting wasnt too effective as actually racing/drifting/ getting skills whilst going over 200 etc.

But as Zeem has stated the payout is rubbish so I wasnt bothered, still enjoyed seeing on the loading screen that my average position was first however :slight_smile:

In one of the Adventures I did. You could add up 2,3and 4th place and I would have still won the XP Championship. SatNight’s 71 gtr (not HE) was just that good and that lobby was just that bad. I got free almost every race getting tons of skill and clean while the others banged on each other, missed checkpoints and hit objects. If you can stay clean heading from race to race throwing in a drift to keep chain if needed you can earn quite a bit XP there as well. But in the race I race.

But like I said I really don’t care how I do on XP (possibly in another thread) I strive for being as high up as I can finishing position (podium) but my experience with racing was if I’m podium(ing), keeping it clean- skills points come naturally and I typically do well on XP championship. If I’m not. I don’t fret over 30k. But rather enjoy the racing at front of the pack. I’ve added friends because of great racing.

They either need to drop the current formula or include races for people who actually want to race. Online is a waste to me because I have no interest in drifting. Just let us race and win based on who gets there first.


Anyone can initiate an event or race from online free roam, but you rarely get any takers. Everyone only wants to drag race in my experience.

It’s a shame because you have total control over them, blueprints at your disposal, and you can choose any race on the map - you are not restricted to what the adventure playlists give you. I wish there were a way to get into free roam games with people who actually want to do races and stuff. It’s pretty much the only way to get some D or C class stuff going as well.

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IF the points were about the same for first place and the best drifter I guess that would be okay. But it is not even close. The current way it is set up is just awful.

in case you haven’t noticed, its like this in single player as well, minus the street races. placement means nothing in this game. actually takes a lot of stress off

When I race I can top at least 4 of the leaderboards in an online adventure and often all 5 (without too much drifting). - Remember there is a leaderboard at the end of each race. Maybe I should complain that its hard to top those by drifting.

But I really do not get why this is a big deal.

I race to win and am there for that activity. I could not care less about the xp leadeboard.

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Yeah, when I go online it is to race against humans. Haven’t done it yet in H3 as I am still working on cars and learning the courses. But who cares who wins the XP championship? It doesn’t matter. Online wins and online winning % show up in your stats. XP championships don’t. XP championships have so many flaws they can easily be ignored. The drifting and xp points part, much of which comes from point to point travel rather than the race itself. If you are up against a couple of people in the same club you are likely screwed in the xp championship. You will likely join an online adventure in progress which once again means you likely can’t compete. It is totally meaningless while banking wins and high finishes adds to year stats.

So if you take the attitude that you are there to win races and nothing else matters then you can enjoy yourself while ignoring the heavily flawed xp championship which means nothing.

You still shouldn’t be able to win an event if you don’t even finish the race. It makes a mockery of it being a race. Why even bother putting races in the game…?


So that those whose objective is to cross the finish line first can do that.

I just got 2nd place overall in an S1 event. Never captured a flag, never chased the king, nothing but spinning in circles. Pitiful.

Regardless of what someones objective is, the fact you can win a race event without finishing the race is, well, it’s a bit of a farce. Win the race event without finishing the race event…


You can not win each race without finishing each race. I know you are talking overall after 4 races. I am talking about each race.

If I go into a race only adventure and win 4 races for me that is job done. I could not care what happens on the xp leaderboard.

I find it bizarre that people can enter a race with the objective of drifting up the back but at least it keeps them out of my way, until I have to lap them.

But I have thought of a possible tweak they could make.

At the end there are 2 leaderboards.

One is the current one. The other is points based where top spot in each event gets 12 points down to 1 for last place. The credit prizes are max 15k on each leaderboard. If you happen to top both you get 30k cr and a badge calling “winning in style”.

EDIT: I think it is sad how many people appear to be playing games purely for leaderboards and not the activity. Some say the same about achievements.

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I am talking about each race and overall.

I’ll put it this way. You’re in freeroam for example and create a single race. The race starts, someone hangs back doing “skills” and not racing at all, so much so that they don’t even finish the race. They still win the event. This single race event.

Rinse and repeat in a 4 event championship in online adventure, thus also winning the lot overall.

I have not done a single race from free roam but I assume that after the event 2 screens come up.

  1. Line honours.
  2. XP (the one you should ignore if you raced for line honours.) You should only bother with this screen if you competed against the drifters.

I will say again that this brings into question peoples motivation.

I could not give an expletive about xp leaderboards. I am more interested in line honours and even then more in my performance. Why do people need a cookie to feel good about playing a game? People say achievements have ruined gaming. I say leaderboards have. Race for line honours and be happy if you get it.

Edit: My average placing in the races seems to equate roughly to where i finish on the xp leaderboards in race only adventures most of the time.

I play a game to win it. You can win this game without playing it.

I grew up without participation trophies, so I’m never going to think it’s OK to win without, you know, winning.

I just finished all the forzathon and online achievements… back to single player I guess.


I’m not interested in doing donuts at the start line to win the champoinship, and S2 is my least favourite class. I also dislike the “game” events (king, infected, flag rush).

I’ve tried it, and every time it’s the same: everyone votes for S2 (or S1 if S2 isn’t offered), despite the fact 9/10 people in the group lack the skill or interest to keep an S1/S2 class car under control. Half the events are “games”, and in the end some knuckledragger in an HE Lambo wins the championship by not taking part.

There is nothing for me here.

These were common complaints about “Online Roadtrip” mode in FH2, and the community suggested several easy fixes.

Instead, they decided not to change anything, except to make it EVEN WORSE with these silly HE cars!! A damn shame really, this is a bonkers-fun racing game, just like FH2 was, but outside of SP there’s little to no incentive to actually race.