Online Adventure Ranking Question

I’m new to online adventure. I thought it was the only way I’d be able to get over 80% for series 23 winter. I’ve been doing team racing.

I did the 5 races to become ranked again in series 24. I made it to rank 12. Today me and my team won the first team adventure I’ve tried after becoming ranked for series 24 and the graphic at the end said I moved up to rank 11. But when I go to trigger the next adventure it shows the exact same rank I was before. I restarted the XBOX and its the same thing, I’m the same rank level as I was before.

Is there a lag for ranked level or is this busted?

yep team adventure ranking is broken if you win, if any one drops out from either team

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Thank you.

I think I might have found my own answer to this. Under the “known issues” for support it says

Ranked points are not being saved for some players

So basically there’s no point in doing ranked races for me until they decide to fix it. I guess there’s no point doing adventures for me for now.