Online Adventure Issues??

I’ve found that when in online adventure mode on my own, it works perfectly. However, as soon as I join it with a friend, or a few friends within a group, then it will either kick one of us from the session at some point, or it will crash one of our games. It’s always random as to who’s it does, but we have all found this. If in it on our own it’s fine, but in a group it will crash or kick from the session.

This being quite annoying, for instance, I was just playing in a group, got to race 4 of 4, leading the race by 7 seconds, leading the leader board too, 94% complete, finish line in sight… then the game crashes out (grey screen). It’s safe to say at this point that I destroyed my entire room through a hulk like rage.

Anyone else got this issue?

You mean a hulk like rage? Nope.

Are you and your friends on xbox or pc?

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Most of us play on PC but some play on xbox too.