One thing that ticks me off about Horizon 2!

I get really irritated on how I’ll be cruising around the Horizon 2 map and all of the sudden BAM!!! Ai driver flat out smashes into my car! I dont know that bothers me so much but it does. Or how a really nice Lambo just takes off across a field into the woods at random. I just think the AI are literally dumb. Kind of silly in ways.

Couldn’t agree more, there are many other things about this beta of a game that bother me also.

I know in the lambo veneno when your traveling on the big freeway in the middle of the map going from the left side of the map towards the right there is a spot at a certain speed your lambo hits a ghost wall in the middle of the road and stops instantly. Only happens going that direction and I don’t remember the exact speed but I was able to duplicate it a few times. Going slower it doesn’t happen, but flying through there close to top speed is when I remembering it happening. Made me agro for a minute because I had a nice skill points chain going.

Forza Horizon 2 is clearly NOT a beta. HAve you seen Drive Club? It had an extra year, and they’ve still had to release it without photomode. Which is ‘coming later…’
Not to mention the slight server hiccups we had pale into comparison with theirs. To the point the PS plus version is apparently not coming out for at least a week, and their Forza hub type app is also delayed. Server issues are rampant. My mate got the full price version for his PS4 and is feeling like they only held the free version back, so people would buy it before they discover all the issues.
Horizon 2 has some bugs and things, but it’s largely intact. It is most certainly not a beta, it’s not perfect, but it’s also not a complete disaster.

For example, Giant bomb gave Horizon 2 4/5, they gave Drive club 2/5 (Same reviewer for both games to avoid differing tastes)

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Did they test it on 360 or X1 or both? Has the tester played the whole Forza series to be able to see the differences just between FH1 and FH2 alone?

Not questioning you. I just ponder about these things, specially when it comes to testers reviews being higher than I would expect and wonder if there was an incentive to rate higher.

To be honest most of the bugs being talked about in Forza Horizon 2, I am yet to see.
A lot of them seem to be quite rare and a lot of the stuff seems more hardware related than the game itself.

Not everyone runs into bugs. That’s why they manage to get out. If everyone experienced them the developers would have caught them.
That said I’m a bit skeptical about the testing environment that was used for this game. You would think that someone would have seen a lot of these prior to launch.

Maybe one of the studio’s didn’t have a choice when they released it or they wanted to work more kinks out but time was up.

The main issues that I’m having with Horizon 2 are to do with party chat while playing the game. I’m not sure to be honest whether it’s an Xbox issue or a Turn 10 issue though.

Party chat is governed by Xbox live either way, so the issue would in most cases be theirs.