One Point Short For Weekly

So I have not done all the season events for this week but from what I see we are going to be one point short for the week. I have 5 dailies left and the circuit races so that adds up to 20 total left for the week so that puts me at 53/54 points.

God Bless

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Hmmm… made me check because no trust in the game. Mine appears to total up correctly so far. At 47 pts with 5 Daily and the Open for 2 pts should hit 54 pts.

The only 1 pt offerings are Daily or the (“new and improved”) 1 pt (each season) Monthly Rivals. Maybe one of them bugged on you ?

EDIT : …and with the Open done it’s just the Dailies left for correct full total.


Only only missing the dailies and mine adds up correctly. Bug or double check your numbers?

mine also add up correctly

For the love of all things holy, whatever you do, don’t submit a ticket. They’re likely to “fix” Rivals again by giving us a point per year next time.


I have 33 points right now and there are 5 left on the dailies and the 3 that have 5 points each so that is a total of 20 left so I will be short 1 point.

That’s annoying then. And just for clarity, I’m pretty sure Tredawn was making a joke there, so if you are short points do submit a bug ticket. Not that it will likely help but it might. Good luck. Maybe it just needs a full restart ? And I’ve had some things slow to drop that did eventually. Maybe the next Daily will kick the missing point loose.

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So it was my rivals, it was bugged and I could not complete it but then I tried it just now and it let me complete rivals and that gave me the point I needed even though in game it still says 4 points. Devs have so dropped the ball on FH5, you would think that they were not AAA game developers, so many stupid bugs that should be easy to fix. Hell they cannot even figure out a way to wipe the cheaters off the leaderboards. But they ban people all the time for stupid things.


Good to hear you got it sorted !

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I just completed the “Aid of the party” task. 10 points.
And the monthly rivals time trial. 4 points

Correct point count. Right?

Well, I have a total of 11 points. :upside_down_face:

Must be the “new math”.

If I check the series total I have 14 points for the series.

So tried an xbox reset, nothing.

Tried doing the car gift daily to see if the math bug would clear. Now for Summer I have a total of 12 points and a seasonal total of 15 points. So yeah, there is definitely a bug in the points calculations.

Not a bug, they just changed how the series tasks work. It’s 4 total now, 1 per season.

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To clarify, the Monthly Rivals is 4 pts for the series/month, portioned out 1 pt per season/week. If you check ahead you’ll see each season still to come has 1 pt already added, which is where the series gets the total 4 pts you noticed.

Changing the way rivals distributes the points is the most idiotic thing the bunch of waster devs have done so far, it wasn’t broke but they fixed it anyway while things that are broke are still broke.


Yep, and someone mentioned last series had the 3 pt monthly thing, so that’s 0.75 pts per season :roll_eyes:

Oops, just noticed the notice that this topic is solved (which I guess it is) so we’re not supposed to keep going on off-topic ish. Right then… done.

I would say the discussion about them taking away the 4 points per season for the monthly challenge is far from solved, I haven’t seen anyone saying they are happy about it so it needs to be discussed.

Reinstate the 4 points per season for the Monthly rivals? - Suggestions / FH5 Features - Official Forza Community Forums (