One last big graphics flaw, to fix in future games

Forza Horizon 4 has one remaining graphics flaw that should be fixed in future games - abrupt

shading level changes of scenery elements (usually trees or building sides). From one frame

to the next, an entire tree or building side will switch from very light color to a darkly shaded

brightness level. Project Cars has a worse problem with this than FH4, but it’s an issue. It occurs in multiple

console platforms, XBox One, PC, and PS4. This spastic, unrealistic shading level change problem

is the one annoying graphics flaw I’d like to see fixed in future games. Some developers with more visual disgression,

seemed to avoid this issue mostly, in the Motorsport 6 and Project Cars One games, by simply keeping all the trees dark green,

not trying to get all fancy and have shading level changes popping throughout a game.

So you don’t see the much bigger problem of the car images changing to stock colours all the time? That’s the graphic glitch that bugs me.

Texture/asset streaming my friend. Or more commonly “texture pop in”. Happens in FH4 a lot and has now become noticeable in FM7 too.

All in all, the game is beautiful, aside from the texture popping of course. I wish the lighting and shadows were this consistent in FM7.