hi guys, i had forza horizon 2 deluxe edition(included vip) in the past, from january 2015 to march. i contacted support to check if i deserve the car, the agent said i am eligible for the car and i should get it, it’s been few days and i havn’t got the car yet, so i contacted support to check if the agent was mistaken, i make myself more clear and told them my vip isn’t active anymore. they said i still eligible and reffered me to here to check it out.

i would like to hear from you guys

just buy it from the Autoshow, if entitled to it you should have got it with the other loyalty reward cars when you FIRST started playing the game
probably too late to start asking for it now since everyone has moved onto FM7 since this game is over 12 months old

how do mean that your VIP is no longer active , did you get it refunded or something
that would mean you are no longer entitled to it

i took a break from horizon 2 and returned it(not my choice) but after few months i bought the game again as standard, i still have the bonus cars that i got for being vip(i don’t remember alot, i just remember i still have the 2 hurracans).
anyway… i can afford one:1.started playing the game on monday and i earned cr 16,000,000 and i’m level 70.
i think i might get it from the auction house instead the autoshow, i bought 17 gt for 90 and upgraded centenario for 2.1.
is the vip membership worth buying only for the regera? i want to buy dlc’s on black friday.

Not really.

VIP status in FH3 is not temporary, it’s like a DLC.

I believe you do get a Koenigsegg in VIP pack even without loyalty, but it’s the Regera.

You have to complete the majority of the campaign N unlock surfers paradise. I recommend the regara for a wacky drift build… if u really want it i can sell u it for minimal cost… i have 5 cuz they go cheap… common misconception that pack needs to be owned.

No, it’s not a misconception. The pack’s need to be installed/owned else you cannot bid on them.

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