On the subject of spoiling barn finds minutes after they're released

Can we please have a restriction on how long it can be before people are allowed to spoil the new barn find, especially the ones who do so without any kind of spoiler warning. The past few times it’s been spoiled within minutes in the discussion thread for the car pack.


I agree on this.

There will be people that they something like ‘you don’t have to look at it.’ Here’s the thing about that, if it is posted in a thread that people are looking at and not expecting to see it, it is completely different than having a different thread related to the barn find itself.

Telling people to not look at the forums, or stay off the forums is not an appropriate response, nor should it be considered an option.


Perfect response. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

While I do say it’s fair game if you go into a thread titled “New Barn Find” or related and it’s spoiled, dropping it in the car pack thread or clue thread is not where the barn find news should be. Nor should you leak the name of the barn find in the title. For courtesy of others, you should put a

tag in the title if you plan on leaking the car.

In case it wasn’t obvious, this was a PSA to the forums, not just to you Stang :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree with the OP more. It’s got to the point now with idiots announcing the barn finds T10 may as well just throw the car in with the pack. Which would be a great shame as the barn finds are brilliant fun.


Well everyone, you are in luck this month because no barn find.

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To avoid the revelation simply stay away from these forums until you’re completed your discovery! No one is forcing any info here that you need to access right away!


I figured there would be at least one. Did you even read my post?

Not that it matters at this point, but it possibly does for future packs.


That’s all well and good when it’s a clearly marked spoiler, but it’s not applicable when it’s smack bang in the middle of a thread with no warning.


If people want to find out what the barn finds are early, they should be able to.

But those posting should keep it in its own thread or use spoiler tags, so those who want to be surprised still can be.

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I would like to know what the barn find is as a decider to buying the pack. True it may be a spoiler but buying a pack with undesirable cars spoils it more so.

It all becomes even more spoilt when there is NO barnfind.

Barn finds are part of content updates, not DLC packs. You do not have to own the DLC to get the new barn finds, with the exception of Blizzard Mountain.


You do realise that the barn find wasn’t actually part of the pack?


So how long is reasonable? A couple of days? A week? Forever? Do we still need spoilers for the original barn finds? What about the other add-on barn finds or Blizzard Mountain barn find?

I, myself, actually don’t care if I find out what the car is before I discover it. And I agree with the forum needing spoilers for those that do care. But how long does it take for you to find it? I’m not sure about newer players, but for me, the barn find announcement and location circle pops up right after the update. It doesn’t take so long to find that I need to take a break and read some forum posts. So even if I don’t want to be spoiled, I’m pretty sure I’ll get the barn find before checking out the forums.

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Personally, (I’m not the OP) if you do it in a separate, spoiler-tagged thread, I think it can be done immediately. If no thread is created, then a few hours maybe? I’d wager at least enough time for people who might still be at work or university or whatever to get home and discover it for themselves.

In regards to previous ones, at this point I’d think everyone here either already has the barn finds or knows what they are so it’s not too much of an issue.

I’m sure the OP and others in agreement with him (including myself) don’t want there to be NO conversation about it, but just let it have it’s own thread or wait a bit, ideally the former. I wouldn’t want to be reading people’s opinions about the car pack and then all of a sudden have it spoiled for me. Car Pack Discussion Thread =/= New Barn Find Thread.

Might be moot at this point though, because assuming the February barn find isn’t Forzathon Subaru VT15r part 2, there may be no more barn finds in this game, save for the next expansion maybe.

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24 hours would be reasonable, and after that it should be behind a clearly marked spoiler, not just shouted out in the middle of a thread.

As for the second part of your post, while it may pop up straight away, you can’t get to it without the update. So while it’s updating, I tend to read the forum to see people’s thoughts on the cars that were added as part of the pack.

24 hours later should be suitable IMHO… and no spoiling it in a thread headline ever.

It can be bad on the Twitch stream Johniwanna runs each time a pack comes out. There’s usually one or two people in there who shout the spoiler out.

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Your all being stupid this is for people who want know idiot

Why on earth dig up an old thread to say that?


Who cares, it’s just a car. It’s not like they’re revealing the twist to some super hyped movie.

I don’t honestly care about spoilers as i hate surprises. I refuse to buy games that don’t show by detail what they contain. Asking for a *Spoiler Alert * is totaly fine,whining about “muh spoilers” links to 2 digit IQ.