On startup, there were key combos to take screenshots in-game, but were not repeated

On startup, there were instructions of a 3 key combo for keyboard in order to take a screenshot outside of photo mode, but someone started talking to me and I didn’t remember. The next startup had a different tip. Do we have to read the manual one tip at a time on startup? There is no manual that I can find online, is it stored with the game in Programs?

There is no ‘manual’ since it’s an open BETA.
If you have any questions just search the forums or creat a new topic.

What you are looking for are the standard Win10 shortcuts. They have nothing to do with Apex. Maybe you want to check the Win10 manual.

'Print’key for full screenshot to copy/paste.

‘Print’ + ‘Alt’ for only active window to c/p

‘WIN’ + ‘Print’ + ‘Alt’ for instant save screenshot of the active window only .

And and and …

Thank you. So if you used the instant save screenshot of the active window only while hiding the UI in photo mode, you wouldn’t have to do all that falderall of save and share and then downloading from Forza Hub and such. That sounds a lot easier and it wouldn’t have the Forza Apex watermark, either. Good job, Noobertson!