OMA (Online racing association) Touring cars, Clios,

The OMA (online Motorsport association) is a racing Leauge currently setup to have close racing while having fun as well.

This leauge was set up to allow close and fun racing and has done so quite recently.

We currently run the following Leauges:

Monday’s : Lamborghini Super Trofeo cup ( to be changed to WEC once finished )
Tuesdays : free
Wensdays : Dirt 4 Rally
Thursday’s Alternating Formula E & Spec Clio cup
Fridays : Free
Saturday: TCC
Sundays free

We do have ideas planned for the future and more will come when we have more people :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
If any of these Leauges take your fancy then follow the link below to our page and group and we can sign you up