Old rivals, tips, tuning, setup?

I have problem with old rivals. spining out all the time with both cars. any tips anyone? setup, wheels? anything?

I have some tunes available on the storefront if you want to check them out. I recommend the puegot 205 T16 as i think it is overall a better car. Make sure your cars have rally suspension, rally tires and are awd. In the tuning setup if your having trouble spinning out reduce the amount of torque sent to the wheels on the last page of the tuning menu, or adjust the gear ratios.

Use a low PI. I used a tuningfrom BlitzHirsch7809 with just 600 PI for the Peugeot 206. Drive as clean as possible. Because of the wheelbase the tail of the car is quite nervous and you might lose speed quickly. If nothing helps go wallriding in the corners…

With all things like this, I think you optimize vs. the AI by keeping your PI as close to stock as possible. You can always add a bunch of handling/downforce without adding PI, and with that and a little tuning of especially gear ratios, you can ensure you handle better and accelerate faster than your competitors (who will, at stock PI, be in unmodified vehicles from what I can tell).

So, rear wing, race trans/diff, probably sway bars, and anything else that’s free, and then work on final drive and first gear to optimize accel. I posted a tune for the 205 as well.

Also, less throttle. On dirt, throttle is a key steering input. More of it usually increases your rotation. Same with brakes. Dirt is not kind to braking-while-turning (except of course hairpins…).