Oh great...more drifting.

Hi guys at Forza,

I bought an XBox One purely because I had worked through all the previous titles on the Xbox 360. First I was a little peeved to find out that to enjoy “One” graphics I would need to buy a $4000 tv. I did not. I was still excited to start a new quest on Career mode and dabble in the never before tried world of multiplayer.

The Career was so laughably easy , throwing prizes galore at any achievement that before long it was completed and I had a garage of 500 plus vehicles and very few challenges to try them in. I could of course set up a race in free play, but that was just bonkers. It seems that there is very little in the game for people to take a car as it is delivered and race it.

To be competitive you would have to waste huge swathes of daylight fiddling and fettling creating a car that looked like a Ferrari but had little in common with the vehicle that was made special by Italians and then changed into a kit car by just about everyone just to be able to compete.

I am in my 40’s and have loved racing games since the first gen Gran Turismo and Project Gotham. For a brief while it seemed that nothing was impossible and great things could happen. I am a petrol head and always enjoyed racing games. I dont spend days and days obsessing but when i get home sometimes i want to switch on and take part in a race and get a little buzz from it.

So I tried Multiplayer…how have we got to 7 from 4 and still not employed any basic track courtesy rules and penalties. There are two sets of Multiplayers, the ones who dont go out and spend days fiddling and tuning and getting really grumpy if anyone even as much as scratches their pride and joy, or twelve year olds who just want to crash into everyone all the time. So you created a ghost series , which is just racing around a track on your own…

After countless updates we have seen a huge raft of awesome vehicles, some get the privilege of being in a single circuit Rival event and then end up in the ever burgeoning garage , maybe to be bought out once in a blue moon because if you want to do multiplayer and win their are about 10 vehicles in the game that are able to compete.

Not one change or update has been made to the career, no new challenges , no new series (its possible because it keeps happening in Horizon 4, but not 3 anymore because thats old hat now!!!)

And then more drifting, a sport which, on the whole is a niche for a small group of people, and i respect they may enjoy it. The drag is still experimental, the multiplayer is dire and the career just doesnt have enough to use 10% of the garage.

Horizon 4 is for drifting and playing tag in the carpark , its the sandbox , its the cash cow. Why cant Forza 7 be for petrol heads, with new offline and online challenges that give a sense of someone giving a damn.

If anything Forza 7 has made me bloody determined to be able to complete Project Cars, being that I have a life I have not converted my lounge into a racing car and still believe in the controller , which again , quite disappointingly works more intuitively with Project Cars, the vibration is crisper and gives a sense of acceleration and braking that Forza misses by a mile. The cars dont just wallow, they all have different feel and pace.

Please Forza clear the decks, go back to what made the game great, stop me and many others from going to the competition for our kicks. I dont want to have Forza as a game I pick up once a month when it has been updated and then leave it again.

I love the detail, the cars, the imagination when it comes to some of the truly awesome special vehicles, now give me some way of driving them as they were meant to be driven …as they are and fairly.

Last note…a better tier and scoring system that tracks overall events etc would also be awesome, some way of monthly pitting yourselves against your friends whether on or offline would be really great.


I completely agree. So glad I didn’t waste my money on a X One X, probably never will at this point.

I haven’t been involved in gaming for years, but when I decided I wanted to get into a serious racing sim game, my SIL had FM6 installed, and when I tried it as a newbie, it looked pretty good. Any deficiencies were assumed to be my own. A bit of reading, and it seemed the darling of reviewers, “best of breed” and all that. And I’m useless driving with a controller.

So, all at once, I bought an X1, TMX Pro wheel/pedals, wheel base, dedicated HD TV, and FM6. My goal was to learn to drive in the game in the solo mode, then as soon as I wasn’t completely worthless, transition to online. Imagine my surprise when I dropped into my first online game. After a half dozen times of the same debacle, I gave up.

“Fortunately”, it wasn’t long until FM7 was due, so I bided my time, and pre-ordered FM7 VIP. What a disappointment that was, and online play more busted than ever.

And on, and on, and ON, AND ON, with the “we’re going to fix it” crap. And on, and on, and ON I waited with no real improvements. Oh, here’s some dolly suits! Oh, and here’s some “new” cars that in the majority are really just liveries, minor options (ooh, a convertible! wow!) or locked into Forza Specials. Oh, here’s drift! And “experimental drag”, that we’re going to just abandon as soon as it shows it’s face.

And all along nothing but teasers from talking heads and mouth pieces on those propaganda streams. Oooh, let’s walk around and talk about this 2 million dollar car we have in the studio!

Yeah, we got some collision updates that initially sounded good, until we realized they just made the rammers literally unstoppable. And visible track edge markers, that were absolutely necessary given some of non-intuitive the bottlenecks the remapped track edges created. And improvements to FFB have been nice, but they keep yanking it around so that every month we have to figure out how to make it somewhat meaningful again.

Can’t even get the oh-so-simple and obvious option to ghost back markers in public lobbies so you that at least you can have a race once you get past them once. Oh no, that might cost them sales!

Around the first of the year I got good enough in solo that other than tracks with long straights where the Unbeatable AI is truly unbeatable due to the massive power boost they get, I was having to shorten races or drop to the back to have any “challenge” making first position racing completely clean. Still no real online option, unless you have fun making videos for youtube watching your 6 and making fun of the botched rams.

Then about a month ago I quit playing almost completely. Today I dropped in just to see if the latest update is worth trying, only to find out MUCH TO MY SURPRISE (yeah, right), that it’s really not. Oh well, my “rig” gathers dust.

I actually had it all sold to my SIL last month, and planned to get a Playstation to play SGT. Then he backed out on it. Wonder why? And I just can’t see just abandoning all that investment. Probably should just put in on Offer Up or something and cut my losses. That said, I got my money’s worth and more from the game itself, but that solo game is not what I bought it or all that hardware for,


“…waste my money…”

There’s a reason a Ferrari 488 cost more than a Chevrolet Aveo. They’ll both get you there, but only one will do it in Epic fashion.

My “waste my money” quote had nothing to do with performance of the console.

At one point I considered getting an X1X to play FM7. Faster load etc, but mainly for the QHD support. But, as was my point, that would have been throwing good money after bad. Hence, “waste my money”…

Drifting is a very popular motorsport and should absolutely be part of Forza Motorsport, as of now we have what 15 drift cars in the game with an over all car list of more than 700 cars. I dont think we need more drift cars in the game, as you can tune almost anything to be a drift car, but to remove drifting from the game would be a step in the wrong direction.

Horizon is the sand box, and is probably a better place for the Hoonigan cars than motorsport is, but in real life professional drifting happens on actual race tracks not public roads.

I would love to see Forza have more focus on motorsport, with a meaningful career mode, start out in normal production cars doing amateur weekend racing, then move up through the ranks getting into more high profile motorsports. Heck even throw a shifter kart ot two in the game, start the career off in those, graduate to formula ford/Mazda and production car racing from there. Then if you continue to play the open wheel cars move up the ranks to historic open wheel cars doing historic races then eventually graduate to Indy/F1 cars. If you play the production cars you can either choose to do drag, oval, circuit or drift races. Then move up through the ranks in those prospective motorsports, gradually increasing the allowable PI of the production cars and keeping cars grouped into similar classes (retro muscle, jdm classics, etc.) and then eventually move up the ranks to the professional motorsports. Going for the circuit route for example would move to touring cars, then maybe V8 super cars, then GT3, then GT2 and then finally the Lemans Prototypes, you could throw in a couple novelty championships like Spec Miata, spec Neon or historic trans am racing (cuda, camaro, mustang). It would also be nice if they would expand the Autocross events we have now, maybe do a couple parking lot style autocross course, and an autocross variant of every track in the game.

For this to work they would need to add more race car classes, like retro stock car, top fuel dragsters and funny cars. With the current PI upgrade system they could accomplish a lot of this if for example they just gave you a list of required upgrades and limitations to create a Spec Miata event or a prostreet drag event limiting what cars can be entered into each event. Ideally they would change how the weight reduction works to make the interior of the cars more race car like when fully weight reduced. They would probably need a larger track list as well.

It would be kind of like the career mode in the older Gran Turismo or GRiD.

They could keep multiplayer and a test drive/tuning mode open to everyone and allow free tuning and upgrading of any car, so even if you don’t play career mode you could still play any of the classes and be competitive without owning any cars in the single player game.


I’m not to good at drifting either but it is a growing sport and I’m pretty sure there’s more than a hand full of ppl loving it. I go to Formula D every year and it’s always amazing. Yeah FM7 needed a lot of work at launch but I respect there decision to fix the game before releasing new content or a new game. As far as the psychics goes, maybe you should try other racing games but Im fine with Forza. Im 38 years of age and I love the open track day meetup hopper

Drifting is an indicator of the mentality of the youth ; (

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Pinpointing the moment at which you lost all credibility. Driving in Project Cars - with a controller, anyway - was like herding cats in a dumpster fire (that would occasionally take to the sky apparently due to bad track geometry). In Project Cars 2 it improved quite a bit to merely bad, but definitely not “intuitive”.

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Ti Hsien,

I foulnd that to begin with, but with a little fettling and sorting it all of a sudden became very very responsive, it is a challenge, but then racing cars in the real world is a challenge, and it gives very different physics based on the car and its capability. In Forza it seems to be lacking, get in an escort and it goes forward when you want it to, and it sometimes makes it round corners, get in a ferrari it does exactly the same to a very large degree. Its the accelerator on the trigger, however you set it up its just not got the same feel as Project Cars. Do quite enjoy the new camera work they have done on F7 but just looking for something…I am sure it will come.

I am not sure what you expect from the game. You don’t have to do the drifting things you know, there’s so many options available to you. You mention people turning Italian cars into kit cars…but that’s how homologation and racing works. Most of those cars are road spec. You can’t just turn up at events in road cars and expect to race. They are all totally different. The game leaves it down to you to decide what you want to drive, how you want to drive it, ect. I think it’s a great game, might not be the most realistic game on the market but it is a real challenge. Isn’t that what you want from a game?

The gamepad control could do better to synergize it’s final steering outputs with the natural tendencies of the cars in most drift-like scenarios and that’s the root of this and related problems. It’s a game. Drifting shouldn’t be so frustrating that people post rants to the forums about it.