I’ve been putting accurate Ontario, Canada license plates on virtually every car I can. I stamp it, ungroup, and change up the letters and numbers on each car.

Anyway, problem is, I made the decal group back when the game launched, day one. I just realized,[Mod edit - WSD - profanity and alluding to profanity is against the tos]

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Sorry, seems WSD edited the post to where it’s incomlete, lol.

The problem is all the plates’ tags are expired now.

You need to pay for the registration plates and then wait for the governing authority to issue new validation stickers. And hope the authorities don’t spot the cars as being stolen because they’ve got old tags on them.


The autorities may or may not validate the new stickers and may result in a permanent ban from Southern Europe.

I wouldn’t count on your registration being renewed due to all the infractions against your vehicle. Over 3000 Wreckage Skills, a couple thousand side swipes and innumerable collisions with other vehicles…

It’s a slippery slope but I suggest you make your own tags and put them on the car in the hopes that the cops don’t run your plates when they see current stickers.




But check it out, PPi, not ONE unpaid ticket! Anyway, all that horrible, irresponsible carmanship? It weren’t me.

T’were THIS jerk:

Hey wait… Looks just like YOU?


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I have grown out my beard since then so I look a little different. Thanks for spilling my secret to the world.

If you don’t want to pay the Italian Police then make sure you get pulled over in France :stuck_out_tongue:

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Watch out for anyone in cop cars, I have a feeling they may run you off the road due to this horrific mistake.

Only problem i see is you should have put Quebec plates instead :stuck_out_tongue: (just friendly teasing between fellow canadians, no need to start a debate) Je me souviens!

You guys in Quebec are crazy drivers

Always have multiple near death experiences when driving there lol

I drank some Quebecois beer once, you see, so “Je ne souviens PAS”, LOL

It was called “La fin du Monde” (trans: the end of the world), it was STRONG. Also GOOD. I gave up drinking several years ago, but will always consider “La Fin” to be some of the best brew to ever cross my taste buds. The brewers in La Belle Province certainly know what they’re doing!

Vive la Quebecois!

Anyway, are you guys telling me that I’ve found the ONE thing that FH2 cops will come out of hiding to deal with?? This’ll cost me a bloody fortune!

I may have tens of millions in Cr I don’t know what to do with, but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to give it all to the Italian Rozzers…

Haha never actually tried “la fin du monde”. Funny that with all the good beer we make, I tend to stick to alexander keith’s. I’ll make sure to give it a try, i see it at the grocery store every week, never bothered with it… And regarding the quebecois knowing how to brew beer, it’s one of the few things we know how to do, building nice (and safe) driving roads not beign one of them

Anyways, don’t know what to do with all those credits either, doesn’t mean i’ll freely give them over to the cops, virtual as they may be (or not be, that is the question)

In all honesty, Mr. Drivatar bears a striking (almost creepy) resemblance to my IRL younger brother.

You’re fine, the Horizon festivals occur in a time freeze. Notice how the radio stations still mention the year being 2014? Well there ya go, your plates haven’t expired yet and never will; it’s 2014 for all eternity! : D

There you go, fixed it haha!

And in regards to crazy drivers, it depends where you go, some cities are worse offenders than others… Could be blamed on driving schools maybe? Who knows.

Crazy drivers everywhere yes, difference is I think the Quebecers know it whereas here in Ontario everyone thinks they’re Michael Schumacher

Yeah here we’re Jacques Villeneuve lol. No really, i don’t know whats worse here: the drivers or the roads or maybe the way the people drive knowing the roads are in a really bad condition pretty much all over the province.

I think the worst one is Montreal: construction (that never finish) everywhere, it’s a pain even when you are walking. I am happy because at Gatineau, it’s not as bad, especially when, five kilometers away, there is Ontario.