Offroad Speed Zones are crazy hard, any help please ?


I can’t find a car, or a way to get 3 stars on these damn offroad speed zones.
I tried a lot of cars : Ariel Nomad, Subaru Impreza WRX 2004, Lamborghini Urus and others, all of them with different maxed tunes and all, nothing works.

I really have a lot of trouble keeping speed in turns/drift and everytime my car goes off the road because of a jump, i’m loosing too much speed as well. Oh, and water of course is a real pain…

If somebody could give me some advices please, i’m getting to the point i’m not having fun anymore with all the frustration because of rogue drivatars and these indredibly hard offroad speed zones promo event.

If that can help, i’m playing with all assists off and i’m on the top 5% on a decent number of promo event, so i don’t even understand how are the lower 50% doing on these ones, it’s crazy hard.

Thank you :slight_smile:

You don’t have to jump just because you can. Slow down on the jumps so you’ll spend more time on the surface rather than slamming to the ground. Same thing with turns; you don’t have to skid through them on full throttle. Slow down and try to take a nice line.

Tuning has a huge impact but you said already you are using top tunes. Are you sure they are for off-road?

Best advice I can give is get a really good run up, even if it means starting in a forest somewhere, it’ll give you the burst of speed you need from the start to get through the zone.


Try to enter the zone as fast as you can while maintaining good driving habits through the first turn. The higher you enter the speed zone the more you can lower your score as you progress while maintaining a higher average speed.

Don’t forget good driving habits. Release the throttle or apply some brakes to keep your car on the ground. Wheels on the ground provide constant speed or acceleration wile airborne cars always lose speed. It’s just the way it is.

If you can keep the car in the delineated zone you can definitely drift or slide the corners but remember - stay in the zone, keep your speed up. If you begin losing too much speed then sliding isn’t the way to go. Let go of the gas , take a good racing line, and remember, SIFO. Good track driving habits will help you out when doing the speed zones.

Lastly, try rewind. I know it’s not available in online freeroam or co-op campaign but it can be a very useful tool in solo campaign. Other than pride or vanity, what’s the point of not using rewind? It’s a good tool at your disposal, use it.

I did most of them in a hypercar. Lamborghini Centenario or similar. Offroad cars are just too slow.

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Used the Ariel Nomad for the majority, if not all the dirt roads myself.

As mentioned above, coming in from off-road on to the dirt is the way to get intro speed. Learning which gear to powerslide turns with is the 2nd trick. And that’s if a turn needs a powerslide versus a quick course correction (which is hard with dirt vehicle suspension and high horsepower).

Ultima gtr 720+rally tyres+ rally suspension and a bit of tuning and extra power and you’ll blitz through all the cameras easily


that rly helped made my last 4 zones with only 1-4 trys each

I can’t do it.
I read all your comments, tried to do my best but there is still 2-3 offroad speed zones i cant pass.
Tried 20 times on both, no, i can’t do it.

I dont understand, it’s really too hard. Some of them like byron plains or rough terrain are just inhuman, it’s crazy, even drift events were piece of cake in comparison.
This is really impossible, despite all my attempts on different cars and tunes.
Biggest issue is drivatars. There’s always 4-5 cars on my way. Having to manage perfect jumps, drifts, speeds while praying not to crash a drivatar in the way just destroyed my patience.
I don’t really see where is the fun on these events

I think i’ll give up this game for now and play something else, thanks for your help.

Try my Koenigsegg One tune. Tuned to turn at speed.

And yes its offroad capable.

I don’t own a One:1 for now, it’s too expensive, i’m sorry =/

As an illustration of the difficulty i’m talking about, i just succeeded to obtain 3 stars on one of the toughest speed zones (byron plains).
I barely reached the objective required for the 3 stars and saw that i was among the 9% best, which means that only 9-10% did it.
They should really do something about this.

There are skills in FH3 I can’t master and I like it that way. I admit at times I get a little frustrated on almost clinching a bucket list by fractions, missing a speed zone by a few mph or a drift zone by a few thousand points, but I don’t want to just soar through things. I really like the challenge. You will be amazed with practice how you develop speed and skill by being challenged. Just keep at it and try and stay positive.

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Do them in online freeroam. No drivatars and hardly any traffic cars on dirt roads.

No. Games need challenges.


Challenges yes.
less than 10% people able to do them, maybe not.

Stats can be misleading for various reasons.

Some people do not even bother with the 3stars so their speeds are simply from when they drove past the zones.

Some people may not yet be at the point where they are trying to 3 star them.

I don’t see the point of including the challenge if it is made too easy.

And sorry to say this but they are all doable. When they are hard you feel a sense of achievement when they are done.

I will have a look at them when I am home and try and find a cheap car I can tune to smash them.


I agree. Some of the best gaming memories for me are winning all the challenge events in Flatout UC and passing all the Gold level challenges for Portal. Both were incredibly hard for me but just hammering on them finally made me succeed.

It has a lot to do with your attitude, whether you get mad at them or not. Lower your expectations and just learn. I speak from experience :slight_smile:

I agree for the sense of achievement but on a moderate scale. I think that if the difficulty becames so frustrating that you start to physically shake of frustration, it’s not very good.
In that case, even when you succeed you can’t feel joy anymore, just a lot of hate for something that normally should give you pleasure.
I just finished the last offroad speed zone using viper horizon, but i can assure you i don’t feel any sense of achievement at all, it was just painful.

Thank you for your willingness to help me, it was very kind.

Try using the MG Metro 6R4, build it up to S2 (~975 PI), it really works like a charm (I have everything on 3 stars). I don’t remember if I shared my tune, maybe look for it. If not, I will share it on Monday.

Dirt speed zones were a breeze in the Rally Fighter. Tuned properly, it will carry a very irresponsible amount of speed through corners and stick to the dirt like glue.

Things you need:

  1. luck in terms of traffic and how much a particular zone will let you get away with cutting corners

  2. a big run up, pick a side of the zone that has the straightest approach, or whichever way is down hill

  3. throttle control, it’s the average speed that counts so don’t be afraid to let off the throttle and cruise through a tight corner if it means you don’t have to brake as hard and can get back on the power sooner