Offline Play Windows 10

I posted about a month ago and never got a reply. I got this game with the understanding offline mode is available (just like the xbox and every other forza ever) and it says I have to connect to the internet to play. I have this pc assigned as the computer to open apps and games offline and all of that. I understand that if you connect to the internet, sign into xbox live, then disconnect internet, you can play without internet… But that’s not exactly a possibility to do for 3 months at a time. Any answers or did i buy a game i can’t even play?

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Make sure you are signed into the profile that purchased the game.

Also go to your Microsoft Store settings and make sure Offline Permissions is turned on.

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I hope this works too.
I want to play it offline on Saturday, but i installed win 10 to play this game, so im new to these offline Settings… where do i find them, if possible in german, but if not im fine too…

Thanks in advance…