Offline custom championship?

Hi guys,

I’m very new to Forza. As a PC player, the closest thing to an arcade/sim compromise racer was Shift and Shift 2. So i’m happy that Forza 7 is now on PC as well, cause it’s everything I wanted. It sucks that the game is currently plagued with a lot of crashing, which makes it unplayable for the time being.

That being said, i was wondering if Forza 7 has, or will have a feature, where I can just setup my own career-style champion ship and race against Drivatars?
For example, can I configure an Open Wheel championship setting up a series of races (f.e. 5 races), choose the tracks and rules, and car class and then compete in it?

That would literally be infinite replayability. Is that currently possible or will it be possible in the future?

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oh god, that is brilliant. So I can basically create my own custom ‘Forza Cups’ with my prefered rule sets then?

But a Championship with many races is not possible?

Unfortunately no.

Hope that they will change that. I think not only me would like to create there own championships.


That would make things a bit easier for my upcoming Forza Series on YouTube.

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Good idea

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I would absolutely love this!

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It would be great if the Blueprint feature from FH3 made it over into FM7. A way to create a freeplay championship using the tracks, cars and weather of your choosing. I don’t enjoy online racing due to the absolute chaos that always erupts, if you can even get into a race without system crashes.

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