Official paint jobs!

Hi, some people really like paint jobs featuring graphics from their favourite games. I assume when someone does that they have to get permission from the developers first. Is there anyone who could do one for the Xcom 2 game by Firaxis? I would also like to see one of the Xcom: Enemy Unknown/Xcom: Enemy Within games, as well. If I don’t find anyone to do this I may have to consider doing these myself, but at this stage there is no need to explain how you would do this.

As everything in this game is for personal use, cannot be exported and cannot be sold for real-world currency, I would say that pretty much every design you see is unlicensed.

It’s all basically fanart with no real-world value, and there have been no legal issues with creating such content to my knowledge

In short: paint what you want, so long as it follows Xbox’s terms of service (no nudity, swearing, politics etc.).

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Ok, thanks. I doubt I would be able to do this myself. Do you know anyone who could do this for me?

Oh, by the way folks, I would be willing to promote the design in relevant clubs and on my own activity feed depending on how good it is-up to 5 stars!

I would like to ask once again if anyone could do these xcom themed paint jobs? [Mod Edit - Not allowed - D]. I will decide that when I see it!