official forza Hot Wheels Livery lost

ok i hit the wrong thing while exploring the camaro and lost the official Hot Wheels Livery for the car how can i get it back?

Nope - best you can do is look for a replica on the storefront or try and contact the creator (they may say no or not respond at all).

I don’t know how to suggest saving it to My Designs without sounding rude

You cannot save a design to My Designs when it is on a car gifted by T10 - it is locked to the car and while it can be deleted it cannot be saved separately.

With some skill, one could re-create a reasonable faximilie in the paint booth. It’s pretty much your only option.

In the future (FM6), T10 should consider making the custom liveries on gift cars the “manufacturer” paint job, for easy retrieval/restoration.

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