Offensive ?!

Offensive ?? …



Livery Contest winner has been “officially” removed from the game…


I hope they resolve this for you. Not only because it’s awesome, that image on top is sick, but now many people need an alternative and there is nothing offensive about the design that I can see. If you get approval to re-release let me know. I hope it wasn’t one that you had Featured for winning a Design Contest, because if so it prob had thousands of downloads, uses, likes etc. Sorry this affected you in this way… hope it gets resolved.

Bummer just saw that it WAS a livery contest winner… man wow. I’d be gutted too.

I don’t think it got banned.

Thanks IG …

Not “gutted” … simply “perplexed” at PG/Turn 10 decision process … looking for an explanation/reason from Turn 10 approval one day … then deemed offensive enough to remove another day … ??

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I am guessing they wrote software to search the Creative Hub for key words and I am thinking that the software just instantly removes anything with the word “General” in the filename or description. If any human eyes had looked at this design, I don’t think it would have been removed. Just my thoughts as I used to do a lot of database work.

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We’ll hopefully see…

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KoolIROCZ1967 please confirm - you (or the original artist) removed this yourself? We shouldn’t mislead the community into thinking this was removed by the game. Only the Confederate flag portion of a livery is a violation under the notorious iconography section of the Forza Enforcement Guidelines, not a play on words with the car name.


Yes - I am the original artist of this design - and Yes - the design has been removed from my livery designs - not by me. This was a livery Contest winner- Week 20 - and was ranked in the very top portion on available 69 Charger designs to download - titled “ GENERAL BEE “ and is now not shown to be available for download anywhere - did I assume incorrectly that my design has been removed from the game ??? Can’t seem to find it in any location I saw it just yesterday ??

photo taken yesterday 6-26-20
2 star rating


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“If” this was removed by Turn 10 or PG, Microsoft needs to sit them down and have a long talk about common sense.


Offensive? No, not in the slightest. My son (12), peaking over my shoulder, declared it ‘sick!’.

High praise indeed, the wife assures me.

Common sense, you say.

No, sadly, seems now’s the perfect time for a good old fashioned knee-jerk reaction.

Surprised you hadn’t noticed :wink:


If anyone has any questions about acceptable content or enforcement actions, use the Why Was I Banned article at Forza Support to submit a banned inquiry ticket.